Study Proves A Shorter Work Day Benefits Both Businesses And Employees

What if I told you that a six-hour work day would make you more productive and happier at the office? I’m sure I have your full attention by now. I mean, who wouldn’t like to work a little less, you know?

A recent study, which took place in Sweden, has proven that a 30-hour work week leads to a better work/life balance and overall happier employees. And honestly, it makes sense.

According to the study, employees are happier and more productive for the six hours they’re working each day, and that leads to fewer absences and early retirements down the line.

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A company that gave this shorter work week a try had an initial concern that they’d have to hire more people since their employees would be working for less time. But, that wasn’t the case at all.

“We thought doing a shorter workweek would mean we’d have to hire more, but it hasn’t resulted in that because everyone works more efficiently,” Maria Brath, who founded an Internet search optimization start-up in Stockholm, told The New York Times.


Happy employees leads to hard-working employees, and that’s something that’s good for the workers and good for business.

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[h/t: PureWow]