Stuffed Zucchini Is A Low-Carb Dinner That’s Still Filling And Indulgent

We all know getting more vegetables in our regular diet is important for good health. Yet, finding creative and tasty ways to boost our veggie intake can sometimes feel like a chore. Whether it’s convincing your kids to eat more vegetables or even yourself, the trick is often finding tempting recipes that make the vegetables more than a bland side dish thrown on the plate.

That’s why potassium-rich zucchini makes such a great canvas on which to build a meal. Vegetarians and people who follow a low-carb lifestyle have found endless applications for this hearty summer squash.


People are transforming zucchini into pasta, pancakes and unbelievable baked goods like cakes and breads. Now, we’ve found a recipe from Love and Lemons for stuffed zucchini boats that makes for an ideal summer meal.

These stuffed zucchini boats come together in just 30 minutes, the ingredients should be easy to find at almost every grocery store, and just take a look at these beautiful boats! They would look fantastic on any dinner table.

Stuffed zucchini boats on baking tray
Love and Lemons

To make this recipe for stuffed zucchini boats, you’ll need two or three zucchinis, crusty bread or coarse bread crumbs, fresh thyme and pine nuts. The recipe also calls for pesto, and if you’ve made your own, you probably have those pine nuts on hand. But you can also use a jar of store-bought pesto if you want to keep things simple.

Janine of Love and Lemons makes use of the entire zucchini in her detailed, step-by-step recipe. The trick with cooking with zucchini is reducing its water content as much as possible. The helpful hints in Janine’s instructions will help make sure your stuffed zucchini boats do not get soggy while cooking.

After just under 20 minutes in the oven, you’ll have a meal that even meat-eaters will be eager to dig into and enjoy. Happy veggie eating, everyone!