How To Style A Classic Button-Down Shirt In 4 Different Ways

You’ve probably read it a hundred times that every woman needs a classic button-down shirt in her wardrobe. You might even own one and it has served its purpose multiple times.

Or maybe you just bought one and you’re not sure how to wear it. Worry not, because here are four great ideas on how you could style and wear your classic button-down for a timeless look.

1. With Trousers

Extra Petite

A classic button-down is an essential for the working woman’s wardrobe. It looks great when worn with trousers, as it creates that perfect balance between professional and fashionable. Whether you go for fitted trousers or a flared pair, you can create a perfect work look with your button-down.

Style this look with smart and comfortable court shoes and carry a minimal top-handle bag. Don’t forget to wear a belt that matches your shoes and bag to complete the look.

During colder days, you could wear a blazer or a trench coat with this outfit. For a more casual look that’s still work-worthy, you could wear comfy oxfords and a sweater with this look.

2. With Flared Denims

Glam Radar

The seventies are making a comeback this year and it’s the perfect time to style your classic button-down with a comfortable pair of flared denims.

This look is a perfect mix of chic and classic and if your office dress code is semi formal, you could wear this to work as well. If your shirt is white, it might be best to go for darker denims as lighter tones could wash you out.

You could wear almost anything with this look – from booties and platform sandals to flatform sneakers and pumps. Even with handbags, any style could work with this outfit.

Just make sure to pick a handbag style according to where you’re going. For instance, a smart top-handle bag for work and a mini cross-body bag for weekend wear.

3. With A Suede Skirt

Sydne Style

With the seventies trends being huge this year, suede has also made a comeback. You can create a classic and timeless look by pairing your white button-down with a cute suede skirt.

This look is comfortable and trendy without being too over-the-top. It also suits women of all ages, so you won’t have to worry about not pulling it off. Just make sure you choose a skirt design that speaks your style and doesn’t clash with your everyday look.

You can style this look depending on where you’re going. However, you might want to go for open-toed shoes or stilettos when you’re wearing it with high heels.

For a comfy look, you could wear it with white sneakers or classic oxfords. It also looks great with booties and laced-up flats. Cross-body bags are the best choice in handbags to complete this look.

4. With Shorts


While a classic button-down can be formal, shorts are the epitome of casual wear. You can mix up the two looks by wearing your shirt with a cute and comfortable pair of shorts.

Denim shorts are perfect if you wish to tone it down, but you could go for more dressy shorts if you wish to create a formal look.

Again, accessorizing this look all depends on the occasion just like the other outfits. The denim and button-down look can work well with anything from sandals and ballerinas to sneakers and booties. If you’re aiming for a more formal look, go for stilettos and statement jewelry to dress up the shorts.

The button-down shirt is timeless for a reason and don’t miss out on this classic wardrobe essential. Instead of simply wearing it as part of your everyday outfit, you could even use it to create amazing costumes for costume parties.

For instance, you could use it to create all sorts of DIY Halloween costumes by pairing it with different pieces of clothing and accessories. To get the most bang for your buck, simply choose a design that suits your personal style and can work with what you already have.