7 style mistakes almost everyone has made

Fashion faux-pas: They happen to the best of us. Even the style-savvy women who predicted ultra-violet would be Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, and who could likely write a thesis on Meghan Markle’s fashion evolution, have probably made a few mistakes here and there. I mean, celebrities—who have an entourage of stylists and makeup artists working for them—even get called out by the fashion police on magazine pages.

According to professional stylists, there are some fashion mistakes that are particularly commonplace. Beyond socks with sandals or wearing a navy belt with black shoes, here are seven common (though lesser known) fashion mistakes, along with advice on how to fix them.

1. You Don’t Tailor Your Clothes

For many people, it’s actually hard to find something that fits perfectly as soon as they pull it from the rack, explains Diane Pollack, a New York City wardrobe consultant. “People come in various shapes with different curves and lumps,” she says. “Brands have different fits and each fabric may react differently.”

The fix: Pollack says you should always buy clothing for the largest part of your body, and then tailor the rest. Tailoring, she says, will help an item look more expensive, and it will better flatter you.

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

2. You’re Over-Accessorizing

Statement jewelry is trending. And, it’s A-OK to wear more than one “wow” piece. But oftentimes, women wear pieces too close together, Pollack says.

The fix: If you wear multiple statement pieces, be sure they aren’t competing with one another, Pollack suggests. Avoid wearing statement necklaces and earrings. It can also be “too much” to wear a statement necklace with a top that has extensive detailing, like ruffles or even buttons.

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3. Your Bra Is Too Small

Wearing the wrong-sized bra can actually make you look less toned because it can create some unflattering lumps along your back. You may not even be aware this is happening unless you check out your backside in the mirror before leaving the house in the morning.

The fix: In an interview with lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson pinpointed the brasserie problem as one of the most common ones she sees women make. “A bra should be smooth and form-fitting, and give you shape with no unsightly lumps or bumps,” she said in the interview.


4. Your Pattern Mixing Is Too Busy

Yes, plaid can go with stripes and florals can be mixed with a leopard print. While this would have been considered “clashing” years ago, these days, we’re embracing this pattern-mixing trend more and more. However pulling in too many color schemes and not letting one pattern dominate can make this trend look chaotic.

The fix: The experts at Stitchfix, a clothing subscription service, suggest staying within the same color palette when putting mixed prints together. Also, choose one print to focus on, like a statement floral dress. All other patterns should be smaller in size to keep the focus on your dress. Check out the Stitchfix Instagram for some pro-level pattern mixing and other outfit inspiration.


5. You Care Too Much About Labels

We’re placing some blame on retailers for this one because clothing sizes are ridiculously inconsistent across brands. Still, it’s easy for our egos to get caught up on the size tag and the designer labels.

The fix: Psst. Nobody is checking the labels in your clothing, David Zyla, Emmy Award-winning stylist and author of “Color Your Style” and “How to Win at Shopping,” reminds us. “Don’t worry about what size a garment is, or who the designer is,” he says. “The important things are: Does it flatter you? And is it good quality?”

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6. You’re Not Wearing Everything In Your Closet

Some cold hard facts: The average woman wears only about 20 percent of what’s in her closet! There could be a few problems at play here. Perhaps you’re buying clothes that don’t fit great, but that were on clearance. Or maybe your closet is cluttered and you’re forgetting about all the great items you have.

The fix: Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Designer Jennifer Rosson tells us this: “Keep everything visible in your closet,” she says. “If you can’t see if you will not wear it.” She suggests hanging costume jewelry opposed to keeping it in a jewelry box or drawer. If you keep your shoes in boxes, go for the clear containers.

As for making sure you love everything in your closet, Zyla shared with us a motto: “When shopping, you should always make a habit of comparing all potential new items with the most-complimented items in your closet. Take your cues from what you know works.”

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7. Your Maxi Skirt Is Making You Look Frumpy

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those super-cozy maxi skirts aren’t typically flattering. Skirts with hemlines that hit near the ankles tend to make women look wider, Lauren Rothman, the founder of StyleAuteur.com, said in an interview with O Magazine.

The fix: Instead, look in the mirror and take note of the slimmest area around your knee. Is it right above your knee? At your knee? Right below? That’s exactly where your skirt’s hemline should hit to best flatter you, according to Rothman.

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash