You Can Now Get A Subscription Box Full of Treats From Other Countries

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One of the many great things about living in America, the melting pot, is the variety of food you can find pretty much anywhere in the country. Feeling like some authentic Mexican? Go get some. How about Italian? There’s surely a restaurant near you. Want to stay in for the night? Order up some Chinese food.

Even so, odds are you won’t be able to find everything from all over the world. Thankfully, however, you don’t have to save up a bunch of cash and hop on a plane to find food you’d like to try, because there’s now a company that will bring it right to you.

Universal Yums delivers snacks from around the world directly to your door via a subscription box. Available in three sizes (6-plus, 12-plus or 20-plus snacks), Universal’s prices start at $13.75 per box, including shipping. You can also subscribe someone else to the box as a gift if you know someone who loves travel, or would like to but can’t afford an expensive international trip.

Universal Yums

These snack boxes are hardly predictable, and this isn’t a meal kit — you’re not going to get tacos from Mexico or a plate of spaghetti from Italy. The boxes are full of snacks like chips, candies, cookies and no doubt some things you have never seen or heard of. Each month, the service features a new country; recent past boxes have had snacks from Israel, Germany, Thailand and Brazil. And there was even a special holiday box in December!

I was able to try the current box for June, which happens to be South Korea. As a vegetarian who is always asking “what’s in this?” for every new food I try, I admit I am not exactly a risk-taker when it comes to eating. And as it turned out, some items in the box were more veg-friendly than others:

So, I enlisted some help from a few friends who were more than happy to try everything.

We dug in and immediately agreed that the best snacks included chocolate, with biscuit sticks coated in chocolate and almonds being our favorites. The runner-up was chocolate-coated green tea cake with marshmallow filling. So unique and delicious!

Part of the fun of getting a subscription box like this is that some of the flavor combos will make you scratch your head. You might hate one of these unusual snacks or find a new favorite. These cola-flavored potato chips got mixed reviews, for example:

Not only was the box seriously full of snacks, but it also included a map of the country the treats came from and a booklet that explained each food — which is incredibly helpful if you’re not an adventurous eater, like me.

Kaitlin Gates

And as we’ve shown, Universal Yums also posts about each snack included in the boxes on Instagram, which will give you a better look at what you’re eating.

If you’re up for the fun or want to gift the boxes to someone else, you can sign up on Universal Yums’ website.

What is the best food you’ve ever had from another country?

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