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Subway Has Cheesy Garlic Bread On The Menu For A Limited Time


Want to make your lunch hour even better? Head in to your local Subway. The sub shop chain just announced that it’s got a new bread option on the menu, and trust us, you won’t want to miss out.

If you take your carbs just as seriously as we do, then you’ll definitely be thrilled to know that Subway has added an Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread option for building sandwiches. So, yeah. The sub game just got taken to the next level.

The bread is slathered in a garlic butter spread and then topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, and then toasted to “gooey, bubbling perfection,” according to a press release.

Once that step’s complete, it’s time to layer any meat, additional cheese and veggies you’d like to add to your sub before gobbling this thing up faster than anything you’ve ever eaten before.

Clearly, Subway’s thought of everything with this cheesy garlic bread roll-out, too, because they’ve even hand-crafted sandwiches to pair nicely with their latest menu item.


Now through Feb. 27, if you order the Ultimate Meatball Marinara sub or the Ultimate Spicy Italian sub, your sandwich will come with the cheesy garlic bread automatically. But, you can swap this bread for your regular old bread choice on any sandwich you build at Subway anytime before the Feb. 27 cutoff date.

If you don’t choose from the meatball or spicy Italian version they’ve selected to pair nicely with the bread, an additional fee may apply. But, you know what they say: the best things in life aren’t free.

People have already gotten a chance to sample the new bread from Subway since it launched, and based on these online reviews, the addition of garlic and extra cheese really takes these sandwiches to a new level.

The mrhappy0121 YouTube channel posted a video about the spicy Italian version of this sub. According to the review, this bread gets even better once the butter has had some time to really soak in:

On Twitter, the bread is getting mixed reviews:

Twitter user @ghostyGremlin wrote that the new bread was “so not worth it”:

Yet, Twitter user @DatOneCuh wrote disagrees, writing, “Do yourself a favor and get garlic bread at Subway. 1000%” and even used the fire emoji:

There’s only one way to settle the score — try some of this garlic bread for yourself. It’s time to find out if this bread is everything you’d thought it’d be!