Subway is introducing a foot-long chocolate chip cookie

Subway footlong chocolate chip cookie

While a bag of potato chips is the usual accompaniment to a sandwich from Subway, the restaurant chain is introducing a brand-new side that actually makes even more sense: a footlong chocolate chip cookie!

The new 12-inch cookie is the same size as the sandwich shop’s footlong sub, but is, as Subway describes it, “thick, gooey [and] packed with chocolate chips.” It will be served warm, fresh from the oven.

While Subway has not said yet how much it will cost, you can expect to see it on the menu at your local restaurant in January 2024.

Subway footlong chocolate chip cookie

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While the new cookie will eventually be available nationwide, Subway is giving some cookie fans a preview. The chain will be giving away the cookies for free with a purchase at four locations in Chicago, Dallas, Miami and New York on Dec. 4 from 1- 6 p.m. local time.

If you aren’t near one of the selection locations, you’ll be able to grab your own footlong cookie sometime after the New Year with or without a sandwich purchase.

Subway footlong chocolate chip cookie

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If you can’t wait for the footlong cookie, you can get a much smaller version of Subway’s chocolate chip cookie in stores now for around 89 cents, along with some other flavors like white chip macadamia nut and raspberry cheesecake.

You can also order a 12-pack box of any flavor for around $6.49, which makes the cookies even cheaper at just 54 cents each.

12 chocolate chip cookies from Subway

In other Subway news, the restaurant chain has also unveiled a new loyalty program that offers free birthday and anniversary rewards, plus the chance to earn points for every $1 spent and bonus rewards.

Will you be adding a footlong chocolate chip cookie to your Subway order next year?

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