Succulent Christmas trees are the stunning new trend you’ll want to try this holiday season

When Christmastime rolls around, nothing sets the mood for a jolly season like putting up the Christmas tree. Whether you choose a real tree or an artificial one, traditional Christmas trees are usually some variety of evergreen, such as a fir, spruce or pine tree.

However, there’s no rule saying that your Christmas tree has to be a cone-shaped evergreen. This year, why not branch out (no pun intended) with a succulent Christmas tree?

A succulent Christmas tree has several advantages. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s perfect for small spaces. If you’re trying to reduce your impact on the environment, a sustainable succulent will stick around to last for many holidays to come, while a fresh-cut evergreen will have to be thrown out come January.

Check out this tutorial from Home Depot that explains how to use several small succulents to make an evergreen-tree-shaped centerpiece that makes for a beautiful alternative Christmas tree.

Home Depot

The pictured craft used approximately 100 succulents of various sizes for a final product that’s 14 inches high and 7 inches in diameter. To create a rich visual texture, use four or more different varieties of succulents. You can also utilize different colors, like red and deep purple.

While a succulent Christmas tree is beautiful all on its own, you can also experiment with different ornaments and decorations. Check out this one to posted Twitter by @janinavela that has red ornaments and white lights:

This tiny succulent Christmas tree posted to Twitter by @meownikaa (who spotted it on @botanicalbright’s Instagram account) is topped with a gold star:

If you like a full-size tree, that’s possible to build with succulents, too, as evidenced by this one tweeted out by @AmandaJaegerTV:

How stunning!

If you’re not the DIY type, there is a number of options available for purchase. For $125, this grapevine and succulent tree available on Etsy would look great on any holiday feast table.


This 13-inch made-to-order alpine succulent tree has nearly 50 haworthias as well as a dozen colorful succulents, including echeverias, graptoverias, sedums and more. Etsy seller TerracottaCornerFL sells this little beauty for $135.


Would you display a succulent Christmas tree when the holidays roll around?