It Has Suddenly Become Possible To Purchase McDonald’s Sauces Online For Cheap

McDonald’s began bottling and selling their sauces in March, and we food-obsessed Americans obviously started frantic Google searches to figure out just how to get our hands on some. Sadly, we came up empty because, like a lot of things you can only get in Canada (we’re looking at you, Justin Trudeau!), these too are only available to our neighbors to the north. Or, should we say, were.

Thanks to two friends and a pretty fantastic idea, you can now order the sauces right from Canada and have them shipped to your house—anywhere in the world! does all the work of buying the sauce. You just have to pick out which ones you want: Big Mac Sauce, Filet-O-Fish Sauce or McChicken Sauce.

Each costs just $10, not including shipping. When adding a bottle of Big Mac Sauce to our cart, our total came to $21.15, which is still much cheaper than some of the other alternatives out there. One bottle sold for $75 on Ebay, and some of the other listings are pretty outrageous, with people selling the sauces for as much $1,000.

ShipSauce says the sauces are authentic and come directly from Canadian grocery stores, which are supplied by McDonald’s Canada and Kraft, the makers of the sauces.

“We didn’t think McDonald’s would ever release these sauces for public purchase either… but here we are,” the ShipSauce website reads. “We are just two friendly Canadians who are looking to share some saucy love with you!”

Big Mac at McDonalds
Flickr | pointnshoot

ShipSauce co-founder Craig Pearce says that as of April 28, 2017, they’ve sold about 55 bottles. Oddly enough, many of their initial orders were from Australia. Pearce says that unless McDonald’s rolls out their sauces internationally, there will always be people who need it shipped to them—and always a place for ShipSauce!