Sugar cookie Christmas trees are ridiculously easy to make

It’s always fun to bake cookies in the kitchen once the holiday season rolls around, but if you don’t necessarily fancy yourself a pastry chef, it can be intimidating to get too crazy with your cookie creations. If you’ve ever just barely survived a Pinterest fail before, you know exactly what we mean.

Lucky for you (and most of us, honestly), these sugar cookie Christmas trees are super simple to make, and they look absolutely amazing once complete. So get ready to wow all of your friends. Because they’ll think you took on a baking challenge when, really, you just combined sugar cookies and frosting to make the ultimate Christmas display.

If you’re ready to take your holiday baking results to a whole new level, check out this recipe from Momma Lew. It’ll walk you through creating sugar cookies (from scratch!) and layering them with homemade cream cheese frosting for a display that will nearly outdo your actual Christmas tree in terms of looks — and it’ll definitely win out as far as taste is concerned!

Use flour, baking soda, butter, sugar, egg and vanilla to make the cookie dough. From there, you’ll roll the dough into three different sizes: small, medium and large. This will make it easier to stack the cookies on top of one another to form the tree.

While your cookies are in the oven, you can get started on the homemade frosting, which requires little more than cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and food coloring.

Once the cookies have cooled, it’s time for the construction aspect to begin. Using a piping bag, layer cookies and frosting until you’ve built a tiny, adorable tree!

Momma Lew

If you’d like to make the recipe even more effortless, you can take a note from Delish and use store-bought cookie dough instead of making your own from scratch.

In the end, you’ll wind up with equally cute Christmas trees, as you can see in this video from the Delish YouTube channel:

If this has got you feeling bold enough to tackle another Christmas tree recipe — one that’s also super easy — you may want to consider serving up this delicious dessert alongside your Christmas tree sugar cookies. This recipe from Kidspot uses puff pastry and Nutella to create a super yummy pull-apart version of a tree that’s perfect for wowing a crowd.

A video from the Kidspot YouTube channel demonstrates just how simple this is to pull off:

Between the cookies and the puff pastry, your tree-building/baking skills are going to be at an all-time high this year.

Let the holiday party season begin!