These sugar cookie Pop-Tarts are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters


Ugly Christmas sweaters are a crucial part of the holiday season. They have been around for decades, though the popularity of ugly Christmas sweaters spiked after they played a hilarious role in the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

Simply put, ugly Christmas sweaters are a fun, cozy and feel-good way to express your holiday joy. And now, even Pop-Tarts are taking part in this iconic fashion statement.

That’s right: Limited-edition sugar cookie Pop-Tarts are returning to stores, and they are wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters with pride.

These adorable breakfast pastries are imprinted with funny little sweater designs, such as a reindeer with Christmas lights tangled around his antlers, and a reindeer wearing an ugly Christmas sweater of his own (how meta!).

The holiday-themed Pop-Tarts are filled with a sugar-cookie-flavored icing, and you can opt for the ugly Christmas sweater versions or ones with a snowflake design. These have a pretty blue-and-white snowflake design which gives us major “Frozen” vibes and would be a perfect way to celebrate the release of “Frozen 2.” We bet Olaf would love some warm Pop-Tarts almost as much as he loves warm hugs!


You can find these Pop-Tarts at participating grocery stores or chains like Walmart and Target. Some shoppers have already spotted them on their shelves, but if your store still only has the Halloween Pop-Tarts available, just keep your eyes peeled.

Once they become available, remember to stock up! This is a limited-time product and you don’t want to be caught without them when 2020 rolls around.


For a toaster-less Pop-Tart-related breakfast option, don’t forget to check out Pop-Tarts breakfast cereal.

With flavors like Frosted Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon, these cereals have been a delicious part of 2019 since the wintertime, after making a comeback from their heyday in the 1990s.

For a peek at Pop-Tart flavors that you will definitely not see on shelves anytime soon, check out the fake Pop-Tarts flavor Instagram account Pop-Tart a Day, which dreamed up a Pop-Tart filled with Hidden Valley Ranch dressing over the summer.


Will you be picking up some Pop-Tarts dressed in cute (but ugly) sweaters this holiday season?

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