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This Amazing Carry-On Bag Turns Airplane Seats Into Beds For Kids

Your little ones will be flying first class (even if they're sitting in coach!).

Traveling with little ones is no small feat. If you ask most parents, they would probably rather endure a root canal than face a long flight with their small children.

However, sometimes traveling is a must. This is especially true for vacations and around holidays. Not to mention, traveling is a learning experience for children. It’s important for them to experience other parts of the world and to learn the value of patience and playing quietly.

Thankfully, one handy new item is making traveling with kids much easier. The JetKids BedBox is so genius, you will wonder how you survived without it for all of these years.

It’s a suitcase that turns into a bed, and it will make nap time at 32,000 feet much more comfortable for your kiddos.


The BedBox is pricey ($170) but it works for children up to age 7, and it has multiple uses.

Kids can ride on it through the airport, store their stuffed animals and blankies inside of it, as well as small toys, diapers, a change of clothes—you name it.

The BedBox also stores neatly under the seat so you can grab it mid flight.

You can use the BedBox to help prop up little ones’ legs, but most importantly, it turns into a bed.



As PopSugar reports, the BedBox was created by a former aircraft engineer and airline captain, together with his wife.

After years of traveling with their kids and struggling with the experience, they decided to create a cozier way for kids to fly.

“For many parents, the real hassle about traveling starts when the child has to be seated for hour after hour,” according to the product page. “The children usually get tired and exhausted, and many of them will need their sleep. However, the sleeping opportunities for children onboard aircrafts are very limited.”


The BedBox works as a convenient solution inside the airport as well.

If you have ever wanted a clean surface to change your baby’s diaper in the airport or a place to lay them while you grab a quick bite, then this is the perfect solution for you.

And, if you have any jet-setting parents on your gift list, this is a perfect present for them!

While you’re at it, make your flight even more comfortable with this solution to the crowded armrest:

Baby Bassinet

The BedBox is great for toddlers and older kids, but what about infants?

There’s no way around it: Unless you’ve got the world’s best-behaved child, flying with a baby can be difficult.


There are the obvious challenges—crying, screaming, blow-outs, mid-air diaper changes. But there’s also the fact that you have to spend the entire flight holding your baby on your lap, which can be exhausting.

As it turns out, airlines have a free tool to make your life slightly easier when you’re traveling with baby: a bassinet.

Many airlines offer this perk, including American AirlinesUnited Airlines,  Japan AirlinesCathay PacificAsiana Airlines and many other international carriers.

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