Summer 2019: Hot, wet weather wastes no time arriving

Nearly everyone has already gotten at least a taste of summer weather, and current forecasts show that there’s plenty more where that came from.

The Climate Prediction Center from the National Weather Service recently issued their outlook for the months of June, July and August, and not one location in the entire United States can expect a cooler-than-average summer.

The latest forecast is calling for an increased chance in weather that’s hotter than average along the East and West Coasts, as well as along the far southern United States.

Temperatures in June, July and August will be hotter on both coasts.

The best chance for experiencing exceptionally hot temperatures this summer will be in the Northeast and nearly everywhere west of the Rocky Mountains.

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The middle of the country is more likely to avoid any extended extreme heat and is expected to have bouts of the typical hot weather that we’ve come to expect from summer.

As for rain, a wetter summer is looking more likely for most places. In other words, if your car’s in need of new windshield wipers, now may be the time to get them.

June, July and August appear to be wetter across most of the country, especially in the Northern Rockies.

More rain than usual will be likely from parts of the Plains and into the northern Rocky Mountains.

Another large area with a chance for additional rainfall will be the Mid-Atlantic and most of the Southeast; it will stretch westward across the Midwest and into Texas.

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One noticeable takeaway from summer 2019’s forecast is the fact there’s not a single spot anywhere in the country that is expecting cooler or drier than average conditions.

In other words, it appears nearly everyone will be a little hotter and wetter this year from June to August. If your home is prone to trapping humidity, it may be time to invest in that new dehumidifier you’ve been eyeing.

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The dog days of summer are real!

A Long-Term Trend

If the forecast for a hotter, wetter summer holds, 2019 will just be one more exceptionally hot summer in a long line of recent hot summers.

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Summer 2018 ranked as the fourth hottest on record for the U.S. Two years before that, summer 2016 had ranked as the fifth hottest on record.

The last time the U.S. as a whole experienced a summer with closer-to-average temperatures was in 2014. Some exceptionally cold air across most of the country outweighed the excruciatingly hot weather on the West Coast and in Florida.

2014 summer temperatures photo
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To find a summer with cooler-than-average temperatures, we need to go back 10 years ago to the summer of 2009. But even that was a blip on the overall trend of hotter summers in the last 20 years, all but three of which have been warmer than the overall average.

Are you looking forward to the summer weather?

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