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This Brave Mom Was Shot While Helping Fiancé In The Las Vegas Attack

Love is a powerful thing.

Not only did Summer Clyburn save her fiancé’s life during the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, but she took a bullet in the process. Clyburn was struck in the back while helping her fiancé, Michael Gracia, who had been shot in the left temple of the head, according to

The Love What Matters Facebook page shared the couple’s story.

“If this isn’t the definition of a strong woman, I don’t know what is. Summer took a bullet to the back by a rifle to save someone else’s life and is still going strong for her baby and love of her life,” the post reads.

The post continues:

“She took the bullet for her fiancé. He was shot in his left temple and he told her to run and instead she took off her flannel and wrapped his wound. She was putting another layer over him when she was then shot in her back. Her fiancé is doing better and improving, we will find out more today. He’s a fighter. He’s a police officer. His journey isn’t over, he will be back in the field saving lives again someday soon. His name is Michael Gracia. That bullet is shattered inside of her and unable to be removed.”

Clyburn’s selflessness could be the very reason Gracia is here today. She risked her own life to protect her family, and it doesn’t get more powerful than that.

Just days after the shooting, Gracia is showing major signs of improvement, according to an update on his brother’s Facebook page.

“Update on my brother. He is doing extremely well. Moving around and opening his eyes. CT scan came back great. Gonna take him off the breathing machines today,” the post reads. “Summer Clyburn also is now great. Been by my brothers [sic] side the whole time. Thankful for her and all the prayers.”

People have taken an interest in this couple’s touching story, and have donated nearly $85,000 to a GoFundMe page set up by Jesse Rivera, an old friend of Gracia’s.

“The love between those two are real and they are new parents and new parents shouldn’t be going through this,” Rivera wrote on the GoFundMe page. “I want to raise money to help with any medical bills and general bills and necessities so they don’t have to worry.”

If you’d like to help Summer Clyburn, Michael Gracia and their family, there’s still time to donate. And if you’re interested in aiding other victims of the Las Vegas shooting too, here are a few ways you can help.