SunChips now have 100% whole grain puff snacks

If you’re a fan of SunChips, get ready for some pretty exciting news. For the first time ever, the brand has developed a brand new, lighter snack just in time for warm weather and, of course, the inevitable swimsuit season.

Appropriately called Sun Puffs, SunChips’ latest creation is still 100 percent whole grain like the SunChips you already know, but now lighter, airier and bite-size! Aside from different flavored SunChips, this is the first change to the actual chip, so they’re pretty much totally different than the original.

Currently available in one flavor — four cheese (a blend of Monterey jack, cheddar, gouda and mozzarella cheese) — they are also free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Because they’re smaller than regular SunChips, they definitely look more portable and perfect for picnics and beach trips. Of course, that also means they’re even better for snacking, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you feel about snacks. (I’m going with they’re awesome.)


If that’s not enough, another brand you’ve likely heard of has also introduced a new lighter, bite-size snack this spring — Gardetto’s Crisps. The new snack is the first product innovation from Gardetto’s that is totally separate from the snack pieces you’d find in the mix and is available at convenience stores now in two flavors: original — which is the seasoning on the original Gardetto’s mix — and peppercorn ranch.

Will you be trying any of these new, lighter snacks this spring and summer?