This hilarious fanny pack will solve all of your double-dipping dilemmas on Super Bowl Sunday

I’ll be the first to admit that Super Bowl Sunday is not exactly my favorite day of the year. I don’t watch football, and furthermore, I don’t understand it. So, I can get pretty bored when everyone erupts into cheers, and I have no idea why they’re so excited.

Still, the one part of Super Bowl Sunday that I can get behind is that it’s a good excuse for a party. Sure, I may only tune in during the commercials, but anything that brings people together to enjoy wings and beer is fine with me.

For those who consider Super Bowl snacking a sport more serious than football itself, the “No Fumble Fanny Pack” is a dream come true. Made by Heluva Good, this nifty contraption is the solution to your double-dipping dilemmas. The clever fanny pack allows its users to store their own chips, dip, beverage of choice and cell phone right on their hip, for easy access throughout the game.

Check it out in action in the video below:

Genius! It totally eliminates the chance of double dipping. Since everyone gets their snacks pre-portioned, you don’t have to worry about the dip running out before you get a chance to serve yourself. Plus, it will save you from repeatedly having to ask, “Is this beer mine?”

And as the video points out, there’s no reason to ditch this inventive fanny pack once the big game is over. Why not strap it on for your next Netflix binge? And if you don’t mind looking a little silly, I think the pack would be perfect for snacking on the go. Walking down the street while enjoying some chips and dip—why not?

Unfortunately, the “No Fumble Fanny Pack” is not being sold in stores, but you can enter to win one on the Heluva Good website.

What do you think? Would you don a fanny pack to stash your snacks, or is this fashion statement a little too over the top for you?