This Super-Human Bodysuit Could Help Keep Aging Bodies Strong


One of the worst parts of getting older is your body losing all the abilities it had when you were younger. Although working out, eating well and taking care of yourself certainly help, every body starts to decline eventually. But what if there was a way to keep your body strong as you age? A new invention sets out to help with that.

Superflex’s Aura Powered Suit is designed to provide “core wellness support” to its wearer’s torso, hips and legs while also providing muscle support for everyday functions such as getting up, sitting down or staying upright—perfect for the elderly, notes Mashable. Originally designed by company SRI International to enhance the endurance of soldiers as they carry heavy loads, the developers recognized the suit’s potential for helping people other than soldiers and launched Superflex as a spinoff company. The idea was so good, they received $9.6 million in a Series A round of funding.


It might sound like the suit would be uncomfortable or clunky, but it’s actually quite sleek and meant to be worn under clothing. Indeed, instead of making the elderly feel like they’re old and in need of extra help, the bodysuit was designed with a more modern look in mind. Yves Béhar, the designer of the bodysuit, wanted to go for comfort, performance and style to destigmatize the aging market. This means elderly folks don’t have to feel embarrassed putting one of these super-suits on.

The super-powered suit isn’t out yet, but it’s expected to be released in mid-2018. It will also be showcased as a part of the London Design Museum’s upcoming exhibition NEW OLD, a pop-up exhibit “that explores the potential for design and designers to enhance the experience of our later lives.” We can’t all be superheroes, but this may be the next best thing.

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