Super Nintendo Shoes Are A Must-Buy For Classic Gaming Fans

Do you love Nintendo? Love sneakers? Well, then these Super Nintendo Air Jordan IVs are gonna rock your world. Designed by Freaker Sneaks, these custom-made kicks are modeled after the Super Nintendo game controller.

And they are pretty, pretty awesome:

Check out the back:

So cool.

The shoes will be available later this year. And, yes, they are actually made with REAL Super Nintendo controllers. All the buttons and controls can be pressed.

Here’s the bad news. People want these bad boys so much that the Freaker Sneaks site has crashed due to the high traffic!

And, oh yeah, once you manage to contact Freaker Sneaks, quantities are going to be super-limited. So, if you want a pair of these, you better get ready to fight for them.

After all, gamers don’t play! Well, they do actually…but you know what I mean.

Freaker Sneaks is known for their cool, custom kicks. Here is their take on “Star Wars.” How epic are these?

And here is their take on the classic video game “Street Fighter.” Can you imagine how popular you would have been if you wore these to school back in the ’90s? You would have been the Zack Morris of your entire school district.

Freaker Sneaks also made these customized kicks to honor champion Muhammad Ali, who passed away in 2016, and they are somehow cool and touching at the same time.

These might be the first sneaks to ever make you tear up. Notice the butterfly and the bee, a tribute to one of his most famous quotes: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

They even made some “Fantasia” sneakers:

And ones that are Optimus Prime-themed:

These shoes are officially next-level cool. Here’s hoping you can get your hands on a pair of those Super Nintendo kicks…

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h/t: Mental Floss