A Super Nintendo World Theme Park Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan

Disney movies and characters get entire theme parks devoted to them, so why not give video games a chance to become a part of the real-life amusement category, too? Nintendo buffs, get ready: Super Nintendo World is coming to the Universal Studios Japan location, so get ready to plan a visit.

For those who hold video games such as “Mario Kart” just as near and dear as “The Lion King,” this one’s for you!

The video game-inspired theme park was announced last year, but now it appears as though construction is underway! So, get those controllers, er, park tickets ready, and let the playing begin!

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The biggest attraction by far will be the “Mario Kart” ride, which will finally give you the chance to race all of your favorite characters in real life. Think of it as go carts, but, you know, way better.

A statement from Nintendo says the plan is to have the theme park built before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. So, with the building already underway, we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see if they meet their goal.

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That will definitely be easier said than done, however. Fans are all too excited about the prospect of getting to interact with their beloved video games in real life.

When the first photos of the park coming together surfaced on Twitter, they received lots of positive feedback.


Fans wrote things such as, “Awesomeness all over!” Honestly, I think that seems like an accurate way to describe exactly what Super Nintendo World will feel like once you’re able to step inside.


According to the statement Nintendo released, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are also going to have Nintendo-themed areas in the future. So, if you can’t make it to Japan in 2020, at least you’ve got more potential locations to look forward to!

Now, who’s ready for some “Mario Kart”?