These Everyday Surfaces Are Actually Much Dirtier Than You’d Think


Did you know that your desk likely has more bacteria than a toilet? You read that right, your desk at work or home likely has more bacteria than a toilet.

That’s according to a cleaning service website, out of the UK.

In 2017, they found that with more than 10 million germs to be found on the average work desk, it accommodates 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. To keep your workspace clean and healthy, you should wipe it down weekly with an antibacterial wipe or vinegar-based solution.

Martha Stewart’s team even says you need to be cleaning your desk at least once a week.

ABC Action News used a product called Glo Germ that simulates germs.

It’s website advertises it as a visual tool for teaching hand washing, and general infection control.

The directions explain that you use the white powder on different surfaces, rub it in, and then go about your regular way of cleaning — the results are rather shocking.

We got together with Mommy Blogger, Ellie Hirsch who runs The Mommy Master — a place where together we can master motherhood.

Hirsch has three boys of her own, and her household is just overcoming the flu virus.

We used the Glo Germ product on a number of different toys, and we found after cleaning them as thorough as possible — the simulated germs were still left behind.

“It almost seemed like I was just spreading them around,” she said.

Hirsch said she did a quick clean through, and when she wants to get every inch, she will soak toys in a sink with a bleach product.

The reality is when it comes to picking up the flu virus from surfaces, doctors say the chances are minimal; however, there is plenty of bacteria that can weaken your immune system.

A few tips from Lysol: clean the common areas every day to help get the flu virus out of your home because the bacteria can stay alive for eight hours.


Open your windows to let some fresh air into your home.

Also, some sunlight is a great sanitizer.

For more tips, click here.

Written by Nicole Grigg for WFTS.

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