Surgeon Shares A Simple Trick For Preventing Glasses From Fogging While Wearing A Face Mask

It’s a problem that has persisted as long as the pandemic: how do you stop glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask?

One solution is as simple as looking inside the medicine cabinet and costs less than a pack of gum.

In a tweet that has now gone viral, Dr. Daniel M. Heiferman, a Memphis-based neurosurgeon, wrote, “If you’re having a hard time with glasses fogging or keeping your mask up over your nose, a simple bandaid does wonders. Learned it in the OR. Feel free to share, it may save lives!” He also interacted with posters who were grateful for the help.

In a follow-up tweet, Heiferman gave specific instructions on how to successfully use the bandage: “Put the cotton part of the bandaid on the bridge of your nose with half of it on the mask/half on your face. With the cotton on the bridge, I found my nose didn’t get irritated after many days of use like other tapes would.”

The Band-Aid suggestion is one of the latest solutions proposed for foggy spectacles. The popular glasses brand Warby Parker sells a $15 anti-fog spray kit that comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. They’re one of several companies marketing anti-fog sprays. Others are showcasing various face coverings with nose guards, and adjustable ear loops that provide a more secure fit to prevent fogging.

There are various other hacks to try that’ll help keep the mist at bay. One is to wash glasses with soap and water prior to wearing a face mask. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this works because “the soap leaves behind a thin film that acts as a fog barrier.” Another is to move your glasses forward on your nose to get more air circulating.

Glasses wearers: what solutions have worked well for you? Are there other tips you’d suggest?