Surprise! Amazon has a try-before-you-buy program

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Do you think you know all that Amazon Prime has to offer, from free two-day delivery and a wealth of streaming entertainment to deals on everything under the sun?

Well, even if you’re a seasoned Prime subscriber, you may not have heard of one of the service’s most convenient features: Try Before You Buy, a clothes-shopping option you can use for anyone in your family.

Yep. Mom, dad and the kids will get seven days to see how they feel about an item before deciding to purchase. If you miss the days of going to the mall for a big shopping sesh, this is almost like the real thing — in your own home.

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Sign up for Amazon Try Before You Buy

Here’s how it works: First off, you need a Prime membership. Most of them begin with 30 days of free services, and there are discounted plans for students and folks on SNAP or EBT. So if you don’t have one — even outside of the the try before you buy program — it’s certainly worth trying.

Once you are a member, though, you can shop for whatever apparel items you need from the Prime Try Before You Buy store. It has everything from little black dresses to kids’ shoes. You can select six items at a time to be delivered, then you get a week to decide.

Return the pieces you don’t like for free; you’ll get charged for anything you keep about seven days after your order’s final item arrives. Understandably, it may be difficult to make your selections. Some of this is nice, name-brand stuff!

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If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s not totally new — Prime used to offer a service called Prime Wardrobe that was essentially the same thing.

As long as you keep your eye on the dates (and Amazon’s reminder emails), it’s a laid-back way to buy clothes, shoes and accessories. Get the right sizes and looks without blocking out a scheduled shopping trip for the whole gang. Or just for yourself.

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