12 Surprising Cleaning, Cooking And Everyday Uses For Club Soda Around Your Home

If you were like me, you were probably raised with the belief that club soda helps remove red wine stains from clothes, and that older people like it with their gin or vodka (or maybe that’s just people in my family). Whatever the case may be, club soda has many more uses than as a stain remover or beverage mixer. Below, you’ll find some unique ways to use it around the home.

1. Jewelry Cleaner

Before you go out and buy fancy jewelry cleaners, just make sure you have club soda on hand. Then, add it to a bowl that has liquid dish soap in it and soak your jewelry in the mixture. This formula calls for five minutes, though others suggest overnight (without the dish soap). You can try both and see what works best for your silver and gold.

2. Pancakes Or Waffles

Yes, if you add club soda to pancakes or waffles, they’ll be even fluffier than what you imagined. Yum! Pass the syrup!

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3. Matzo Balls

Yes, club soda is key in several matzo ball recipes, like this one, and it’s said to make them more light and fluffy. And who doesn’t like matzo ball soup?!

4. Upset Stomach Or Nausea

If an upset stomach has you stuck at home, try club soda mixed with a few drops of bitters. The blend of herbs in them, like cinnamon and ginger, will do the trick!

5. Plant Food

Save some club soda for your plants… only, let it go flat first. The plants will soak up all the minerals from the club soda and look better than you’ve ever seen them. Try it and see for yourself!

6. Post-Pool Or For Dry Hair

We all know chlorine doesn’t do our hair any favors. But you can help restore your locks by putting club soda on it after going for a swim or if it’s looking dry.

7. Cleaning Solution

Yep, add a bit of salt to club soda for an all-natural cleaning solution and watch your countertops become white again.

8. Clean Up Pet Urine

Our pets have accidents sometimes, and now there’s an easy way to clean them up: club soda. First, blot up the urine with a cloth, then pour on the club soda. Blot again. Keep repeating until your carpet is odor-free.

9. Glass Cleaner

Tired of cleaning windows and glass, only to have streaks left behind? Then it’s time to try club soda as your new glass cleaner, and it’s healthy to inhale, too—no chemicals! You can also use it on your car windshield!

10. Clean Pots & Pans

While your pots and pans are still hot, add some club soda to them and you’ll see how easy it is to wipe them clean!

11. Stainless Steel And Porcelain

Don’t you hate those scuff marks on your stainless steel items and appliances? Well, just add some club soda to a towel and rub away the marks. Your stainless steel should be as good as new. The same goes for porcelain, so there’s no excuse for it not to look good.

12. Loosen Nuts & Bolts

Move over, WD-40, club soda is here! If you need to loosen a rusty nut or bolt, look no further than this carbonated beverage. Either soak the nuts and bolts in it or wrap a club soda-soaked towel around them and leave them be.