8 Surprising Uses For Eggs In And Around The Home

We all love a good omelette, right? But what happens when we have leftover eggs in the fridge? They may be expired, and we don’t necessarily want to toss them—though we certainly don’t want Salmonella either. Below are eight things you can do with egg whites, egg yolks, and eggshells, so no egg will go to waste.

1. Eggshells In Coffee

Well, in the ground coffee anyway. When you add crushed eggshells to the ground coffee before you brew it, it will make the coffee less bitter. Who knew, right?

2. Eggs As Hair Conditioner

We all know eggs have protein, and even if we’re not consuming them, our hair can benefit. When you mix an egg with olive oil, you have an easy DIY homemade hair conditioner.

3. Egg Whites As Glue

Does your child have a homework assignment that requires glue? But you’re all out and you don’t have time to run to the store? Bet you didn’t know some egg whites will work just as well.

4. Eggshells To Deter Pests

Some people use their eggshells in their compost heaps, but they’re also a great additive to your soil. Furthermore, they help deter garden pests like snails and slugs.

5. Egg Water For The Garden

After you boil eggs, do you just toss the water? Well, from now on, water your plants with it. They’ll appreciate the added nutrients, trust us.

6. Eggshells For Your Dog’s Food

This may sound crazy, but bear with us. After you dry eggshells in the oven and crush them with a rolling pin afterwards, they make a great additive for your dog’s food. It’ll give your pet calcium, which will help their teeth and bones, of course. Have doubts? Check with your vet if so.

7. Egg Yolks And Whites As Face Masks

There are many facial masks out there using food products you probably have on hand right now, particularly eggs. You can either apply the yolk directly onto your face without other ingredients, or you can get more adventurous and add olive oil to the mix, or honey and wheat flour to an egg white. Or, make up your own, as there’s really no wrong way to have egg on your face.

8. Eggshells To Scrub Hard-To-Clean Pots And Pans

There’s nothing worse than not being able to get a pot or pan clean, and now eggshells will do you wonders. Just scrub with the shells and watch your pots and pans get clean before your very eyes.

Photo by 16:9clue

Photo by brianna.lehman