12 Surprising Uses For Mineral Oil Around Your Home

Let’s be real, you probably don’t use mineral oil too much, in general, but maybe you would if you knew that it could do all of these things. I mean, mineral oil is great for everything from stain removing to protecting wood furniture, kitchen gadgets and more.

Check out these 12 surprising uses for mineral oil around the home and stock up on some of the oil today because you’re bound to get your money’s worth out of it, not that it’s expensive in the first place.

1. Condition Wood Furniture

Mineral oil will help preserve and protect wooden furniture in the same way that many other store-bought furniture polishes will.

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2. Protect Cutting Boards

The oil will also help prevent cutting boards from getting cut marks in them, which will keep bacteria from hiding in any crevices on the surface of your cutting board.

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3. Remove Stains

Use mineral oil as a pre-wash method for super easy stain removal. All you have to do is dab a little bit of it on the stain, and then throw your clothes in the wash.


4. Protect Garden Tools

Garden tools typically have metal ends and wooden handles, and mineral oil can work wonders on both materials. Add mineral oil to sand to keep the metal from rusting, as well as sharpening the tools with each use. Be sure to apply a good coat of the oil to the wooden handle, too.

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5. Silence A Squeaky Door

Got a loud, creaky door? Nothing a little mineral oil can’t help.


6. Prevent Rust

If you’ve got outdoor furniture that you need to protect from rusting, cover it in mineral oil. Then, you’ll have protection from the elements so that your metal stays rust-free for longer.


7. Shine Appliances

A little bit of mineral oil goes a long way. It’ll have all of your appliances looking shiny and good as new in no time.


8. Remove Paint From Your Skin

If you’ve been doing any sort of painting around your house and have a hard time getting that it off of your hands, mineral oil is to the rescue.


9. Remove Stickers

Especially if you have kids, you know that stickers can wind up on anything and be a royal pain to remove. Nothing a rag and some mineral oil can’t solve, though.


10. Diffuse Oil

Mixing mineral oil with other essential oils can keep your house smelling light and fresh.


11. Silence A Creaky Floor

If you have an older home with some squeaky floors, pouring a bit of mineral oil into the noisy joint cant help reduce the squeak.

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12. Lengthen The Life Of Your Razor

After you finish shaving, carefully dry the razor then dab some mineral oil onto the blades using a q-tip.

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These uses of mineral oil are practically endless, and the craziest part of all is— not many of us knew any of practical ways of using it existed— until now. So, let’s all start making the most of mineral oil from now on, shall we? Your home’s going to be looking great in no time.

[h/t: WiseBread]