11 Surprising Ways You Could Be Using Shea Butter

I’m sure everyone’s heard about the amazing moisturizing capabilities of shea butter, but did you know that it’s good for the skin in more ways than one? It’s good for much more than just lotion, and now you, too, can start implementing shea butter into your daily routine in multiple ways.

Check out 11 surprising ways you can start using shea butter in your beauty regime and around your home. Many of these products are easy enough to make all by yourself so you can start enjoying the healing properties of shea butter right away.

1. Hand & Body Soap

Shea butter is great to use all over the body and can easily be made into soap to put by the bathtub or the kitchen sink. All of that moisture will be great for restoring hands after washing the dishes. Follow this tutorial to make your own shea butter infused bars of soap.

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2. Soothe Burns

If you get burned in the kitchen while cooking or sunburnt while doing yard work outside, shea butter is a great way to reduce the pain from a burn. Follow this tutorial for soothing skincare you can DIY.

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3. Diaper Rash Cream

If your baby’s having trouble with diaper rash, that’s nothing a little shea butter can’t solve. Follow this tutorial for all-natural treatment that will reduce diaper rash and repair irritated skin.

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4. Shaving Cream

If you’re slathering shea butter all over your body anyways, you might as well use it to shave with, too. It’s great for the legs and face— so even the men out there don’t get to miss out on using smooth shea butter to shave with. Follow this tutorial to make your own shaving cream from scratch.

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5. Deodorant

Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and other ingredients combine to make an all-natural deodorant. Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but I can get behind the idea of making my own deodorant that will make my skin super soft. If you can, too, follow this tutorial.

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6. DIY Icy Hot

Icy hot is great for soothing sore muscles, and using shea butter will make the experience of rubbing icy hot on your aching parts even better. Follow this tutorial to make yourself a batch of icy hot.

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7. Paw Protector For Pets

Pets need a little extra protection for paws. They can get dry and cracked, just like our feet can, but that’s nothing a little shea butter can’t help. Follow this tutorial to give your pet’s paws a little extra love and care.

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8. Face Mask

You can make one heck of a great smelling, soothing facial cream using some rose and shea butter. Follow this tutorial for the softest, best smelling skin around.


9. Hair Moisturizer

The moisturizing power of shea butter is just as great for your hair as it is for your skin. Follow this tutorial to make your very own hair treatment.

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10. Tinted Lotion

Wait. You can use shea butter to give yourself a natural glow? Ok, I’m definitely doing this. Follow this tutorial to create your own tinted lotion.


11. Heal Dry Hands & Feet

So, you probably knew shea butter was commonly used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but it can also restore the most dry and cracked hands and feet. Follow this tutorial to make the best possible lotion for your skin.

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Apparently, shea butter is great for the skin whether it’s protecting from razor burn, healing an actual burn or nourishing dry hands and feet. So, feel free to use shea butter-infused lotions, creams and more all over your body. There’s really no good reason not to!