8 Surprising Ways You Could Be Using Turmeric In Your Home

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While it’s a nice, colorful addition to your spice rack there are many more uses for turmeric around the home than just adding flavor to a dish.

Beyond the effects of just its color, turmeric is great because it has many healing properties and can be added to tea, honey and milk to serve as a natural pain reliever. And that’s only the beginning.

Find out 8 ways you can be using turmeric around the home for a natural way to do some of the things you’re already doing, all with a little help from your spice rack.

1. Naturally Whiten Teeth

Despite the fact that it’s used to dye, turmeric can also be used to whiten your teeth. You can make your own toothpaste and use a little bit of the spice everyday to get your teeth looking fresh and white. Follow this tutorial to DIY your own toothpaste.

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2. Dye Easter Eggs

The days of spending money on Easter egg dye are over. Turmeric is a great way to give your eggs a gorgeous yellow-orange hue, in a natural way. Follow this tutorial to learn how to dye your eggs with this spice.

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3. Make Meat Safer To Eat

Adding a little turmeric to beef and chicken has been proven to lower the levels of heterocyclic amines consumed when eating meat. Learn more about the benefits of adding the spice to your main course.


4. Reduce Acne

You can make your own face mask at home, and if you add turmeric, you’ll see it fight blemishes and clear skin in a natural, gentle way. Follow this tutorial to mix up an acne cure right in your kitchen.

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5. Use As A Cold Remedy

Adding ginger and turmeric to honey and then keeping the mixture around for cold season is the best thing you could do to protect yourself during cold season. If you feel like you’re coming down with something, add some of this honey to a cup of tea and start feeling good as new in no time. Follow this tutorial to make your own cold remedy.

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6. Make Turmeric Milk

Milk is good for your bones, but when you add turmeric to it, you get an extra boost of bone health and more with every glass, according to The Health Site. It’s great for soothing aches caused by arthritis, so find out how you can make yourself a batch of this at home.

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7. Use As Pain Relief

Think of turmeric as a natural Asprin. Skip the store-bought stuff and make yourself a batch of natural pain relief. Follow this tutorial.

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8. Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

This spice can also be used in a face mask to reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Find out how to make a cream to keep you from looking tired by reducing that under-eye darkness.

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Clearly, turmeric is so much more than just another spice on your rack. Now that you’ve learned 8 ways it can be of use to you, start taking advantage of its benefits today!

[h/t: Mother Nature Network]

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