Sushi Burgers Are The Next Big Food Trend, And We’re On Board

When it comes to food, Americans will try just about anything. From tacos in cups to Peeps in s’mores, we’re pretty flexible when it comes to a food mashup.

The latest food trend is no exception. Introducing: the sushi burger.

Basically, it looks just like a regular burger; but the big difference is that the bun is made out of rice instead of bread. As for the inside, there are many choices for what you could fill your burger with. You could keep your ground beef patty in the middle or you could get creative and fill it with raw salmon, tofu, lettuce, sriracha, avocado, etc.

Get some ideas from these sushi burgers that are taking over Instagram:

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Our next question: Should you eat it by picking it up, using chopsticks, or a fork and knife? We’ll leave that part up to you.