Sushi Burritos Are A Thing, And They Are Amazing

O.M.G. I love sushi, and I love love love burritos. When I found out that you can get sushi as a burrito (a.k.a. a Sushirrito), I literally jumped for joy. Places like Sushirrito and Wrap N’ Roll Sushi Burrito are starting to pop up all over the country, and they’re being well received.

Here’s some of the ones that looked the most delicious. And for the non-sushi lovers out there (if there is such a thing) many of these restaurants offer non-fishy alternatives.

Crunch Sushi Burrito

Restaurant: Sushi Burrito Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Geisha Riceless Roll

Restaurant: Sushi Burrito Utah Locations: Salt Lake City, Provo & West Jordan, Utah

Sushi Burrito Utah

Salmon Samba

Restaurant: Sushirrito Locations: San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA

Panko Chicken

Restaurant: Wrap N’ Roll Sushi Burrito

Locations: Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA

Wrap N' Roll Sushi Burrito

Firey Crunch

Restaurant: Komotodo Sushi Burritos

Location: Denver, CO