Stop Sweater Hanger Bumps With This Brilliant ‘Hang-Fold’ Hack

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love being cozy in jeans, fleece jackets and of course, sweaters. With only so much drawer space, my sweaters often get hung in the closet. Over time, they stretch in the shoulder and get the little ‘hanger bumps.’ Ugh.

I can typically get around this fashion faux pas by dampening the bump and tossing in the dryer for a few minutes. After years of this workaround, I thought, “there has to be a better way.” And guess what? There is.

One Good Thing by Jillee has a brilliant way to hang your sweaters so they don’t get the unsightly “hanger bumps.” Click here to get the “Hang-fold” instructions.

One Good Thing By Jillee