This Is The Sweetest Way To Tell Kids The Truth About Santa

Have you ever worried about how to tell the truth to your kids about Santa Claus? Inevitably, the day will come when they will no longer accept the Santa Claus mythology, and when that day comes, they will come to you with questions and concerns. How can a parent deal with these questions and anxieties with grace? How can we be honest with our children while still preserving the magic of the holidays?

Well, here is a possible solution: A mom named Charity Hutchinson came across this clever idea one day while surfing the web. She shared it to Facebook and it has since gone viral. Essentially, the idea is that when you start to see that your little one is suspicious about Santa, you take him or her out for a one-on-one talk and tell them they are now old enough to be a Santa Claus.

Check out the sweet and inspiring post below:

Since Hutchinson posted the message, it has been liked over 4,000 times, and shared almost 6,000 times. Many people are commenting to share their own stories about Santa Claus and how they handle breaking the news in their households.

The idea behind the story is simple: Santa Claus is not about things, but rather about the love and generosity that exist within our families and our communities as a whole. Teaching children how to embrace that message and become a part of that generosity is a powerful way to not only teach them life lessons, but to help preserve the magic of Christmas. After all, as every parent knows, the real joy of the season is not in getting presents, but in giving presents. Is there anything more precious than the thrill of watching your children opening a gift with excitiment and gratitude?

With this clever idea, you can give your children that same thrill when they learn that they have the ability to make someone else’s day and have a powerful impact on the world around them. What a beautiful concept. Merry Christmas, everyone!

[h/t: Huffington Post]