People are selling swing sets for chickens on Etsy and they’re actually adorable

A chicken caretaker’s work is never done. You have to feed them daily, freshen their nest boxes and sanitize their coops. And of course, you should plan to spend a considerable amount of time chasing those little buggers around your yard when they inevitably escape from said coop.

Some chicken-lovers go a step further and make sure their chickens aren’t just clean and fed but are also entertained. We’re not talking about putting a flat-screen TV in the coop set to “Judge Judy” reruns, or sticking a foosball table in their straw (although neither of those are bad ideas, TBH). Nope. Some people are setting up chicken swing sets.

Because don’t your hens deserve their very own chicken playground?

chicken swing
Etsy / TheChickenSwing

This beauty is sold in the Etsy shop of TheChickenNetwork, an online source for all manner of fowl-centric accouterments. The swing set retails for $69.99, which sounds pricey for chicken entertainment until you learn that it’s actually handmade by a local Amish woodworker.

“Let your chickens enjoy their supervised free range time swinging on this self-containing swing set!” writes the vendor behind TheChickenNetwork. “Designed by us, built by our good Amish friend Levi.”

If your chickens are more the gymnastics type, you could always gift them these chicken monkey bars instead:

chicken monkey bars

The chicken monkey bars retail for $69.99 and are also handmade by the vendor’s Amish woodworker neighbor, Levi.

Personally, my favorite piece of the wannabe-chicken jungle gym is this chicken seesaw, also called a teeter-totter.

chicken seesaw

The chicken seesaw retails for $52.99. It’ll be up to you to teach two of your chickens to balance on either end.

To round out your collection of recreational supplies for chickens, check out the “ChickNic Table” — a picnic table for your feathered friends. Like the versions that humans use, these little tables feature a tabletop where chickens can feed, and sturdy “benches” for climbing or resting on. The ChickNic Table retails for $129.

Etsy | TheChickenNetwork

I had no idea chickens had so many recreational opportunities. Anyone who goes on a shopping spree at this quirky Etsy shop will have very spoiled chickens indeed.