New Swiss Miss-Flavored Cocoa Puffs Is Like Hot Cocoa In Your Cereal Bowl

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Cocoa lovers, you can now indulge in a big ol’ bowl of hot chocolate in the morning and call it breakfast. We’re not being mallow-dramatic, either: There’s a new hot cocoa-themed cereal that’s available to buy, and it’s filled with fluffy marshmallows!

Ahead of the holidays, General Mills has debuted the Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs Hot Cocoa cereal. The classic, crunchy chocolatey Cocoa Puff cereal gets the mini marshmallow treatment in this wintertime cereal.

You can scoop up a two-pack of the Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs Hot Cocoa at Sam’s Club for $5.64. But know this: The Cocoa Puffs x Swiss Miss is a limited-edition, seasonal cereal, so if you’re a hot cocoa lover, you’ll want to get your hands on a box or two (or more) while it lasts.

Sam's Club

This probably goes without saying, but you’ll definitely want to slurp up the chocolatey milk when you’re finished indulging in a bowl of this dessert-meets-breakfast cereal.

Or, to flip the script, if you like cereal marshmallows in your hot chocolate, Swiss Miss also has a Lucky Charms hot chocolate that comes with the colorful, luck-themed marshmallows.

Swiss Miss Lucky Charms
Swiss Miss

The hot cocoa collabs don’t stop with cereals, though!

As we prepare to transition from the spooky season to the comfy-cozy holiday season, hot chocolate maker Swiss Miss has been on a roll with collaborations to make 2021-22 extra delicious. The brand also teamed up with Reddi-Wip to create a hot cocoa-flavored whipped cream.

Hot cocoa with a crown of fluffy hot cocoa-flavored whipped cream? Genius, right? You can buy the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Flavored Reddi-Wip at Sam’s Club, and it comes as a pair of two 15-ounce cans for $5.98. You could also top your ice cream or holiday pies with this chocolate-flavored whipped cream!

Swiss Miss Reddi-wip two pack
Sam's Club

If you love all things hot chocolate, you can also get Brach’s hot cocoa flavored candy canes and hot cocoa soft-baked cookies from Dewey’s Bakery.