Swiss Roll Cake Is The Ultimate Dessert


When your favorite Little Debbie snack cake and the all-time best dessert come together, it’s a match made in heaven. That’s why you won’t be able to resist the temptation to combine Swiss Rolls and chocolate cake with this crowd-pleasing dessert this holiday season.

Delish has a recipe that walks you through how to create a two-layer chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting — but the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll top it off with chocolate ganache and then cut Swiss Rolls into slices and cover the entire cake in them.

A chocolate and marshmallow cake layered with chocolate and marshmallow Swiss Rolls? Consider it Swiss Roll cake-ception!

This video from the Delish YouTube channel will show you how this dessert is made:

For a slightly more traditional take, you could also create what is essentially a giant Swiss Roll from scratch. This roll cake resembles more of the Yule Log-type dessert we’re used to seeing this time of year.

The recipe from Handle The Heat shows you how to transform a thin layer of sheet cake into a giant log shape and end up with something that looks exactly like a Swiss Roll — and tastes like it, too!

Handle The Heat

If you want to take it a step further and combine Swiss Rolls with even more flavors that you love, you can create a version of the ultimate dessert mash-up that suits your every need as far as sweets are concerned.

This recipe from Belly Full combines cookies ‘n cream with Swiss Rolls for a cookie-and-chocolate-lover’s dream come true.

Belly Full

And if you happen to love a good chocolate-covered cherry (especially during the holidays!), you can combine those flavors with Swiss Rolls to make layer upon layer of deliciousness with this recipe from Inside BruCrew Life.

The recipe layers sliced Swiss Rolls between layers of Cool Whip and cherry pie filling to yield a no-bake dessert that’s just the right combination of cherry, marshmallow and chocolate.

Inside BruCrew Life

Whether you pile on the Swiss Rolls, keep it classic and create a Swiss Roll of your own or change it up by incorporating even more delicious flavors, the Swiss Roll cake you make is bound to be amazing.

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