‘Swoveralls’ Are The Sweatpants And Overalls Combo For Your Comfiest Moments

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There have been some pretty interesting inventions created in the name of comfort: the Snuggie and jeggings, just to name a couple. But this comfy creation might be the most out-of-the-box idea yet: “Swoveralls” are overalls made out of sweatpants material, and they’re the only thing you should reach for when you don’t actually feel like getting dressed.

You have a company called The Great Fantastic to thank for the reason you’ll basically never wear anything besides sweatpants again. Swoveralls are made out of 100 percent terry cotton and also have a trendy tapered leg at the bottom for a “jogger” fit, as opposed to more baggy style.

In other words, swoveralls are perfectly socially acceptable to leave the house in—hence the reason you won’t want to take them off.

There are two different colors to choose from—grey and blue—and they retail for $85 on The Great Fantastic website, as well as on Amazon.

The Great Fantastic

Unfortunately, swoveralls are only available for men at the moment, but according to the website, women’s styles are coming in late November.

The reactions to swoveralls has been somewhat mixed. Some people on Twitter could totally see themselves rocking something like this after a Thanksgiving feast:


Others aren’t really quite sure what to make of these:

Some have even compared swoveralls to the male romper, which Twitter was certainly on the fence about:

But the reviews for swoveralls speak for themselves. In fact, the sweatpants/overalls hybrid currently have only five star ratings on Amazon! One satisfied customer wrote, “So I bought these without much expectation, because, ya know, sweatpants overalls, and I am absolutely blown away by the comfort and quality of this product.” Trendy, comfortable, high-quality—seems like swoveralls has it all!

These aren’t the only sweatpants and overalls combos to exist, however. The founder of The Great Fantastic admitted on his company website that he actually got this idea from a company called Kensie, which made swoveralls for women. (Although Kensie’s version is no longer in stock.)

But the ladies out there don’t have to give up entirely! These knit overalls with a fleece lining are available through Urban Outfitters, just in case you’re looking to get in on the sweatpants/overalls action before The Great Fantastic launch their swoveralls for women.

Urban Outfitters

Of course, you could always also try out a men’s size because these seem pretty unisex. And besides, who doesn’t prefer their sweatpants a little baggy anyways?

May you never take your sweatpants off again, my friends!