Taco Bell is bringing the Mexican Pizza back, again, this week

Taco Bell

Raise your hands if you feel like you have been personally victimized by Taco Bell. First, they love-bombed us with the return of the Mexican Pizza in April, after they so rudely ripped it from the menu back in 2020. But then, right when we were starting to trust again, Taco Bell made us cry más! by saying Mexican Pizzas were sold out indefinitely.

Now, Taco Bell is promising Americans that we can look forward to Mexican Pizza once again. The chain says that come Sept. 15, Mexican Pizzas will again be a staple on menus across the country. Users of the app are getting early access on Sept. 13-14.

We know, it’s hard to trust again after being gaslit so many times. But with time, therapy and lots of extra Fire sauce, we can maybe let Taco Bell back into our hearts. After all, the CEO of Taco Bell, Mark King, is promising that the Mexican Pizza is finally here to stay this time.

“It’s going to be relaunched mid-September and it’s going to be a permanent item,” he told Fortune.

Taco Bell

The decision to relaunch the Mexican Pizza back in April was partially the result of a viral campaign led by Krish Jagirdar, which garnered 171,697 signatures. Jagirdar pointed out that the menu item was a big staple among vegetarians (along with the Spicy Soft Potato Tacos, which they also temporarily pulled in 2020). But thanks to the viral outcry of fans and stars like Doja Cat, Taco Bell realized the error of their ways … and they are now promising the Mexican Pizza is coming back for good.

Taco Bell

You can celebrate the return of the Mexican Pizza on Sept. 15 by going to TikTok and watching Mexican Pizza: The Musical starring Dolly Parton and written by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear. (Yes, apparently the country music crooner is a huge Mexican Pizza fan, as if we needed another reason to adore her.)

Do you think the Mexican Pizza is really here to stay this time? To paraphrase Dolly’s famous song “Jolene,” Taco Bell, please don’t take away the Mexican Pizza just because you can!

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