Taco Bell Is Launching Nationwide Delivery

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If you’ve ever had a day where even sitting in a drive-thru to pick up dinner seems like an exhausting task, I feel you. Be it the weather, a bad day at work, or just a hectic life, sometimes you really just do not want to leave the house or stop for food on the way home — even if it’s only to your favorite fast food joint.

If your favorite fast food happens to be Taco Bell, however, it’s your lucky day. Thanks to a partnership with the online and mobile food ordering/delivering service Grubhub, the chain can now be delivered right to your house. Dreams, my friends, really do come true.

Taco Bell

To celebrate the launch of the delivery service, Taco Bell is even offering free delivery for orders of $12 or more! The deal is only valid for a limited time, but delivery is here to stay.

To make sure you can get bean burritos and Crunchwraps where you are, Grubhub is also bringing in more drivers to areas with Taco Bell restaurants to make sure no one goes hungry — or has to leave the house.

“Diners can now order delivery from thousands of Taco Bell locations across the country, granting access to famous classics like Cheesy Gordita Crunch and Nacho Fries — when they want it, where they want it — more convenient than ever,” Seth Priebatsch, head of enterprise restaurants for Grubhub, said in a press release.

Taco Bell

To place a Taco Bell order for delivery, just head to Taco Bell’s website and put in your zip code, go straight to Grubhub’s website, or use their app on your phone to place an order. Not all Taco Bell restaurants will offer delivery, so make sure you check your nearest location first.

Will you be ordering some Taco Bell and having it delivered straight to your house?