Taco Bell now makes all-purpose seasonings for cooking at home

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Soon, you’ll be able to pick up a big shaker of Taco Bell’s famous blend of spices at your local store to kick up your Taco Tuesdays.

Two new Taco Bell all-purpose seasoning spice mixes should hit store shelves soon, according to Best Products. Sound familiar? That’s because individual seasoning packets from Taco Bell have been available in stores such as Kroger for a while. But these new 6.25-ounce shaker containers give home cooks the chance to spice things up as much as they want and in whatever recipes they choose.

Whether you like your tacos mild or spicy, the new Taco Bell All-Purpose Seasoning has the ideal blend for your tastes. There’s a mild mix you can use for your taco meat, or maybe you’re ready for something that burns with the hot spice blend.

According to the product description on the Meijer website, the spice mix includes a combination of tomatoes, salt, paprika, garlic, onion, cayenne and other spices. Each container contains just over 250 1/4 teaspoon servings and has zero calories per serving.

Candy Hunting noted that the ingredients are different from those individual seasoning packets you’re used to seeing on store shelves or at Amazon. So it’s possible all of those copycat Taco Bell seasoning recipes out there are going to need an update.

You might have noticed that this spice container isn’t labeled for tacos. It’s an all-purpose seasoning, which means you can get creative with what you decide to season with this mix. Of course, it will work well on ground beef or other meats for taco mix. But you could also try adding this spice grilled chicken, or maybe even elevate your favorite dip with a little extra Taco Bell magic.

The Taco Bell All-Purpose Seasoning should be hitting store shelves soon in places such as Fairplay Foods, Meijer, Phelps Market and other grocers, according to Best Products, and it’s showing up on Instacart. Check with your favorite grocery store to find out when they will start carrying it or if they can order it so you can start creating your own Taco Bell culinary masterpieces at home.

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