Taco Bell is now selling a vibrant blue raspberry slushie

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The new year is upon us, and Taco Bell is already making a splash with several new menu items. And one of the tastiest introductions to the Taco Bell menu is the Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze.

The Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze sounds like a great blend of sweet and sour. With a sweet blue raspberry base, this slushie has an electric green sour swirl that not only makes it look neat but also kicks up the drink a few notches. Those swirls add the tantalizing tartness some people love, especially when combined with something on the sweeter side.

The 16-ounce regular-sized Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze will cost you $2.49 and has 140 calories. Or you can sip on the large, 20-ounce slushie for only $2.69 and 180 calories.

Taco Bell

Just looking to satisfy that sweet tooth without the sour? Taco Bell has brought back its precursor to the Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze. The regular Blue Raspberry Freeze is a tamer, but still delicious drink, with the blue raspberry flavor giving you that hit of sweetness you’ve been craving.

The regular-sized, 16-ounce slushie is only $2.49 and has just 120 calories. If you want to upsize the sweetness factor, you can also order a large, 20-ounce Blue Raspberry Freeze for just $2.69 and only 150 calories. Honestly, not a bad deal, even if you’re trying to keep those New Year’s resolutions.

Taco Bell

And you can score either of these flavorful frozen drinks for just $1 during Taco Bell’s Happier Hour, which usually runs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Just be aware that you can only snag the Blue Raspberry Freeze and Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze for a limited time. So head to your nearest Taco Bell drive-thru soon before they’re gone.

And, if you’re hungry for something to eat along with those slushies, pick up some of Taco Bell’s Double-Stacked Tacos, Triple Layer Nachos or a Spicy Tostada as part of restaurant’s newly expanded $1 Value Menu.

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