Taco Bell’s Watermelon Freeze drink is back

The wait is over, everyone! We know you’ve been biding your time for a number of cold, lonely months, longing for the day when this drink would be back on the menu. Well, that day is here. Taco Bell has finally made available their official summertime beverage — the refreshing Watermelon Freeze.

Being a seasonal beverage, Watermelon Freezes are available for a limited time only. But if you act now, you can pick up one (or several) at a participating Taco Bell for just $2.69.

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If you’re not yet feeling pumped, we urge you to look upon this tantalizing photo on the brand’s Twitter page:

Taco Bell lovers were understandably over-the-moon about the news. In fact, Twitter user @RahaMehrkish insists this is the best news she’s received all month:


Wow. That is some serious Watermelon Freeze love! Not to be outdone, Twitter user @Moonsanova181 says she died inside when it was removed from the menu:

Twitter user @JsnSnts responded with this hilarious GIF that reads, “I’m just so happy!”

Others, like @HawkTrolling, also seem to already be planning their next Taco Bell trip:


Another said they can’t wait to try it:

And yet another tweeter said they had already gone to their local chain to get one. Check out the photo of the drink shared by @RahaMehrkish below:


It looks like some promotions might be in order for some of Taco Bell’s higher-ups.

“We made the Watermelon Freeze as an ode to awesome weather, fun times with friends, and the excitement that comes with waiting patiently for something you look forward to all year round,” reads a statement on the Taco Bell website. “Way to be nonchalant, Watermelon Freeze fans. This freeze is available at participating locations for a limited time only. We’ll see you at Happier Hour.”

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And you won’t have to worry about a watermelon growing in your belly if you eat one of the seeds that top this specialty drink. They’re actually edible candy “seeds,” and they act as the perfect complement to the sweet, icy drink.

Clocking in at just 220 calories and 0 grams of fat, this frosty drink is a guilt-free way to celebrate the season and stay cool, whether you’re lounging by the pool or leaving a boring day at the office.

Several devoted customers have shared photos of them buying the drink on Instagram.

Instagram user @oreo509 shared a photo of the drink, along with the caption, “My spring krytoponite.”


And @sabrilsmith wrote of the beverage, “Ok but these are bomb. Thank you @tacobell for bringing this back!”


Just make sure you enjoy these watermelon freezes while you still can, as we expect that Taco Bell will likely take this sweet favorite off the menu when summer reaches its end.

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Hey, good things can’t last forever.