Watch 10-Year-Old Girl Describe How She Got Her Leg Out Of An Alligator’s Mouth

Little girl: 1, alligator: 0.

On Saturday, May 6, 10-year-old Juliana Ossa from Florida gave a hungry alligator quite the surprise. While Ossa swam in Florida’s Lake Mary, a nearly 9-foot alligator grabbed her leg in its mouth.

Ossa tried hitting the reptile to make it let go of her leg, but the alligator wouldn’t budge. Instead of panicking, though, the girl remembered something from a trip to a local theme park.

“I thought about what they taught me at Gatorland,” Ossa told WKMG-TV. “So I put my two fingers up its nostrils so it had to breathe from its mouth and it let my leg out.”

Wow! Not sure we’d be able t0 stay that calm when face-to-face with an alligator!

Fatal Alligator Attacks Set New Record In Florida
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According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Juliana was attacked in an area officially designated for swimmers. She stood in waist-high water about 30 feet from shore and 10 feet from her family.

‘I Was Scared At First’

Juliana’s step-uncle, Steven Rodriguez, grabbed her out of the water and got her safely to shore, according to NBC News. Lifeguards on duty at the park tended to her knee and thigh wounds until paramedics arrived. They transported her to Nemours Children’s Hospital. Doctors treated Juliana and released her to go home on Monday, May 8.

The paramedics marveled at how calm the girl stayed during the entire ordeal.

“She was a tough little girl,” said Kevin Brito, one of the paramedics who treated Juliana. “She commented that if something is going to attack her, she has to attack back.”

Juliana said she had the situation under control: “I was scared at first,” she told WESH-TV. “But I knew what to do.”

You can see in this video shared by NBC exactly how calm, cool and collected she stayed. Almost like another day at the park:

Gatorland Sends Get-Well Wishes

Upon hearing of the attack, Gatorland Orlando posted well wishes to Juliana on Facebook.

The park also took the opportunity to educate the public on alligator safety tips.

“She did exactly what anyone should do and that’s fight,” said Gatorland dean of gator wresting Tim Williams. “God bless her heart, we’re just so thankful.”

Video Shows Huge Alligator Crossing In Front Of Florida Tourists

Alligator sightings are apparently pretty common in Florida, but video of one gator in particular is making the rounds on the internet—and for good reason.

Video footage of what’s estimated to be a 12-foot alligator crossing in front of visitors to the Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida is astonishing. Just feet away from this monstrosity, several people snapped pictures and took video, and the results of the encounter have since gone viral after being posted to Facebook.

Kim Joiner, the woman who took the video, admits on Facebook that she was “a little nervous” about the animal crossing so close to her. Rightly so! This alligator is a legitimate beast.

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The Circle B Bar Reserve boasts hiking, picnicking, bird-watching and fishing as some of the many activities you can take part in on their 1,267 acres of land, according to the reserve’s website.

Apparently, they’re home to some impressive bird species, and of course, gators, which can be watched from a distance, the website states. That’s if they don’t just decide to cross right in front of you, I suppose.

Yahoo News points out that since the video’s gone viral, many people are commenting that this scene looks like it’s straight out of Jurassic Park. But, to Joiner, this is just “nature at its best.”

According to Facebook, however, she did see the alligator coming this time. I mean, it would be hard to miss. “I have been more scared when they just cross with no warning on Alligator Ally trail,” she wrote.

The post has gotten over 5,000 likes and 32,000 shares and counting. It’s not everyday that you see something like this, after all. Unless, perhaps, you’re native to Florida. In that case, you may be thinking this ain’t no thang. After all, rather shockingly, the average length of an alligator is a foot longer than this one was estimated to be.

To the rest of us, though, it does feel like a little like “Jurassic Park” come to life.

[h/t: Yahoo News]

Is Disney World Going Too Far By Removing Alligator References At Park?

Following the tragic alligator attack that claimed 2-year-old Lane Grave’s life, Disney has made changes to keep patrons safe. Within days of the incident, Disney constructed barriers and posted signs warning about alligators and other dangerous wildlife.

Now, Disney is taking it a step further by slowly removing references to alligators and crocodiles in their parks.

As a result, Disney has cut all jokes related to crocodiles and children on their Jungle Cruise attraction. A long-standing script from 1962 used to warn ride-goers “watch your children, or the crocodiles will.” Given the tragic circumstances of Graves’ death, it is unlikely this particular joke will ever return.

In addition to removing sensitive material from scripts, Disney has removed characters that could serve as visual reminders of the tragedy. The Miami Herald reports, Tick-Tock Croc, Captain Hook’s menace, has been removed from the Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom. In addition, Louis, the trumpet-playing gator from The Princess and the Frog, was pulled prior to his castle show debut on June 23.

Louis Princess and the Frog

It is unclear whether these changes will be permanent, or how much further Disney will go in removing the predators. For now, it appears Disney is doing what it can to keep visitors safe and happy.

What do you think: Is this the appropriate move or is Disney taking it too far? Tell us on Facebook.