This Dog Has His Own Tiny Bedroom Under The Stairs

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It’s nice to have some personal space, even if you’re a dog. Dog owner Betty McCall must have had this in mind when she decided that her 4-year-old Chihuahua, Pancho, deserved his own private room.

Imgur user Fatisbac is McCall’s nephew, and he recently took a few photos of his aunt’s creation. He noted the picture of dogs playing poker on the wall of the room, writing: It’s “the little things that can make a room come together.”

Isn’t that the truth? Pancho must feel right at home in his little room.

Pancho’s bedroom is under the stairs, leading some to draw parallels between Pancho and Harry Potter (remember how poor Harry was forced to live in a tiny room under the stairs in the Privet Drive home of his terrible relatives?). No word on Pancho’s wizarding abilities, however.

Pancho seems to be pleased with his little pad, unlike Harry. After all, we all need a place to rest our itty bitty sombreros, don’t we?

Pancho looks like he’s got a good thing going with his own room. From his little bed, to food and water bowls nearby, plus a tiny chest of drawers to store treats and toys—little Pancho is one lucky dog!

But Pancho isn’t the only dog to get his own room under the stairs. These photos shared on Twitter show how someone actually renovated the space under the stairs to create a room for a dog. It’s even got framed artwork on the walls and a nice cozy bed. Very impressive!

If you thought those were nice, check out little Mia’s room! Decked out with a hot pink bed, cute nightstand and her name on the wall, you might even mistake it for a child’s room.

Here’s another stair-nook-turned-dog-bedroom. The dog-themed artwork and a large plant make this space so homey!

This dog house is more utilitarian, but definitely a major upgrade from your standard crate. With dog-themed trinkets on the built-in shelves and the decorative door, it looks like part of the home’s decor, instead of an afterthought.

If you’re feeling inspired by these dogs’ digs to give your pooch a room of her own, check out these inexpensive dog houses that you can make or buy.

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For a simple solution, buy this pet teepee for $22 on Amazon.


For $118, you can get this charming two-story dog house, complete with a staircase and rooftop deck. The only downside with this one is that you might start to feel a little bit jealous of your dog!


If you’re handy and willing to put a little bit of elbow grease into your dog’s dwelling, Lowe’s has a handy dog house tutorial. The instructions include all of the supplies and materials you’ll need and easy-to-understand directions for building the dog house. The end result is very cute!


Really ready to put your carpentry skills to the test? Then try your hand at constructing this sleek and modern doggie abode with a wrap-around porch. You can scale down the measurements to make it smaller if necessary.

And finally, the grandest dog house of them all. It’s a dog mansion, really. The dogs that call this palace home belong to none other than Paris Hilton (naturally).

This doggie mansion is 300 square feet. It was decorated by interior designed Faye Resnick and features furniture designed by Phillippe Starck. And yes, there is even a balcony (you didn’t expect Hilton’s dogs to sit around inside all day, did you?).

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Here’s What The Perfect Bedroom For A Good Night’s Sleep Looks Like

If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, it’s likely you’ll try just about anything in order to get a good night’s sleep.

It’s possible that your bedroom could be working against your efforts to get some shut-eye. Check out the helpful visual from Prevention below and keep reading to see if your sleeping environment is setting you up for a successful night of sleep.


For a great night of sleep, try incorporating the following into your bedroom:

1. Blue Walls

Despite the fact that blue light from screens can disrupt our sleep, the color blue, in general, is known to be calming. A 2013 study conducted by a hotel chain in Britain found that people whose bedrooms were blue slept more hours each night than those with rooms painted other color. And when asked if they woke up feeling happy, 58 percent of those sleeping in blue rooms said yes whereas just 22 percent of those whose bedroom walls were green said the same.

2. White Noise

A tactic that many parents swear by to help keep babies asleep can prove useful for adults. White noise can help to block out sounds that may keep you from falling or staying asleep. White noise may also help protect the quality of your sleep, as research has shown your body reacts to noise while you sleep even if you aren’t aware of it the next day.

3. Lavender

Research has shown that the scent of lavender can help provide better quality sleep, and a recent study found that those who sniffed lavender essential oil before bed reported feeling more energetic the next morning.

4. Keep It Cool

If you’ve ever tried to fall asleep in a hot room, you know firsthand how much temperature can affect sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends setting the temperature in your bedroom between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit for an optimal night’s sleep.

5. Clean Sheets

Of the 1500 people surveyed in a National Sleep Foundation poll, around three-quarters responded that they sleep better when their sheets have a fresh, clean scent.

6. Make Your Bed

It’s not just a good habit to get into, it turns out making your bed can help you sleep better at night. The National Sleep Foundation poll found that around 70 percent of people said they make their bed every day (or almost every day), and that the consistent bed-makers were 19% more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep most night compared to those who didn’t consistently make their beds.

See How This Dad Transforms A Boring Bedroom Into A Magical Treehouse

Dad of the year, GNDxero, made this epic treehouse-themed room for his kids a few years ago. What makes it so cool?

The fact that he builds the playhouse around two twin-sized beds, so his kids can sleep, play and interact with each other.

How It’s Made

On the top is a green netting. Meant to mimic leaves, it’s great for storing stuffed animals and [gasp] there’s a secret trap door to allow kids up into the foliage for climbing fun.

The bed-level has fun cut-outs for imaginative play. And below the bed, is a cool nook to crawl and pretend you’re underground, below the tree house.

Of course, he makes it practical too. He included built-in drawers for storage. His step-by-step instructional video is perfect for anyone that would like to try their hand at this project.

Perhaps the cutest part is when he reveals it to his kids at the end. They squeal in delight and immediately start to crawl, climb, and play in their new space. One can be heard saying, “Oh my gosh, daddy, this is the best thing! We should show this to the President!”

Do you know someone that would love this DIY project?