5 Festive Winter Sangria Recipes To Make This Season

If you think sangria is strictly a summer drink, think again. This refreshing beverage is a winner any time of year, even in the winter. Simply switch up a few ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and festive cocktail you’ll enjoy even when it’s cold outside.

Need some inspiration? Here are five winter sangrias to try this season.

1. White Winter Sangria

This appropriately named boozy beverage starts with white wine and hard cider, then gets a kick from plenty of festive and seasonal fruits such as apples, clementines and cranberries, making it a perfect option for both fall and winter.

Fresh Tastes and Plates

Recipe: Fresh Tastes and Plates

2. Red Winter Sangria

If you prefer the more hearty red sangrias, you’ll love this version made with red wine, cranberries, citrus and mint.

Honey and Birch

Recipe: Honey and Birch

3. Pear And Cinnamon

If you’ve had enough apples this fall, switch up your fruits and go for wintry pear instead. This sangria is made with white wine, brandy, pear juice and spicy cinnamon sticks, making it the perfect wine drink on a cold day.

Honest Cooking

Recipe: Honest Cooking

4. Winter Sangria With Pomegranate, Blood Orange And Apple

This beverage is for those who like their sangria extra fruity. Made with plenty of apple cider, pomegranate juice and blood oranges, this drink falls on the sweeter end of sangrias.

The Roasted Root

Recipe: The Roasted Root

5. Slow-Cooker Winter Rosé Sangria

Rosé fans, this one is for you. The pink wine is combined with bourbon, cloves and vanilla for a sweet and warming sangria that can be prepared in your slow cooker.

Hungry Girl Por Vida

Recipe: Hungry Girl Por Vida

Move Over Sangria, Red Wine Mixed With Cola Is The New Must-Try Cocktail

Get ready to try your new favorite sunny afternoon refreshment. Sometimes called “poor man’s sangria,” the kalimotxo (pronounced cal-ee-mo-cho) is a blend of just two ingredients.

The drink, popular in Spain and Uruguay, is gaining popularity in the States.

Simply pour equal parts cola and chilled red wine over ice and you have a refreshing drink to enjoy during these final weeks of warm weather.

When you brighten it up with a little lemon or orange, this cool beverage really hits the spot.


Dry Red Wine

Use a dry red wine for this drink because it helps to balance the sweetness of the cola.

There’s no need to splurge on a nice bottle because the cola masks the finer flavors of the wine anyway. In fact, some say the cheaper the wine the better.

As for the cola, whatever you have on hand will work, but if you have the choice grab a cola made with real sugar rather than corn syrup.

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Ice Cream Treat

Michael Gordon, chef at BKW in Brooklyn takes this drink to a whole other level by turning it into dessert.

He serves kalimotxo with scoop of mascarpone gelato.

However, Gordon assures that a decent vanilla ice cream will do just fine. A little wine in your ice cream float? Don’t mind if we do!

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If nothing else, this cocktail is the perfect way to use up a so-so bottle of cheap red wine that’s been collecting dust.

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Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Looking for another way to take your red wine game to the next level? Consider this recipe for red wine hot chocolate.

When you feel like having a lazy night in and cozying up on the couch, red wine and hot chocolate are two of the ultimate choices.

It can be hard to choose between the two drinks, but luckily now you don’t have to.

Blogger Yeah Immaeatthat has an awesome recipe to make your own chocolatey cup of red wine, and boy does it look decadent.

If you’re into rich desserts, this drink is for you. Cue the Netflix and a cozy blanket!


All you need are milk, dark chocolate chips and your favorite red wine (preferably something full-bodied), and you can make a creamy alcoholic drink in just a few minutes.

Just combine the milk and chocolate chips in a saucepan until you have a warm chocolate milk, and then pour in the red wine, continuing to heat until everything has become warm.

Pour into your favorite mugs, and get those movies going.

This recipe comes on the heels of other amazing wine combinations, including wine ice cream and wine ice cream floats.

You could even take it to the next level and add marshmallows to the mix:


As previously noted, this drink is rich. This makes it the perfect beverage to split with friends and sip slowly. Cool fall weather has never sounded more appealing! You can get the full recipe from Yeah Immaeatthat, so you too can make a smooth, chocolatey wine all on your own.

Can’t get enough hot chocolate? Try this Red Velvet recipe – yum!

There are those rare occasions when you just can’t bring yourself to finish a bottle of wine, and after you learn this trick, you may find yourself leaving a little extra at the bottom of the bottle a little more often. You can freeze leftover wine to create little wine ice cubes, and this genius hack will come in handy more often than you think.

Make Cooking With Wine Easier

Have you ever left wine out of a recipe because you didn’t have any on hand or didn’t want to open an entire bottle just to use a little bit of it? I know I’m definitely guilty of this. Well, with these little wine ice cubes, you’ll never have to do that again.

Whether you’re looking to make a tasty drink, just want a mini-popsicle or you’re cooking an entrée that calls for wine, you’ve got just enough wine to do the trick without pulling out that wine opener.

As PureWow pointed out, creating these ice cubes is as simple as pouring leftover wine into an ice cube tray, covering with saran wrap and placing in the freezer.

Simple, huh? This is sure to better your life in ways you never knew you needed. To see what I mean, check out five ways you can start using wine ice cubes, well, as fast as you can freeze them.

1. Wine Slushy

Frozen wine ice cubes will help you create just the right consistency for a wine slushy. What a great way to cool down once it’s finally warmer out, don’t you think? Get the recipe.

2. Pork Loin With Wine And Herb Sauce

A dry white wine combines with heavy cream, chicken stock and herbs to create a flavorful sauce to drench a pork loin in. This is an even better use for wine than drinking it, if you ask me. Get the recipe.

3. Skillet Chicken With Bacon and White Wine Sauce

Ok, this has two of my favorite things in one dish. Bacon and wine. It seriously doesn’t get better than this dreamy concoction. Get the recipe.

4. Hanger Steak With Red Wine Sauce

Red meat drenched in a red wine sauce sounds like the perfect thing to soak your taste buds in tonight, doesn’t it? Get the recipe.

5. Cheesecake Bars With Wine Gelee

Nothing pairs as well as cheesecake and wine, so why not combine them into one dessert using your leftover wine? Sounds like a great idea to me! Get the recipe.

And now you’ve got the makings for an entire meal — the drink, the main dish and dessert. So, get those ice cube trays full of wine in the freezer, stat!

[h/t: PureWow]

7 Drinks That Have More Sugar Than A Candy Bar

One of the most important aspects of cleaning up your diet is cutting out sugar. As delicious as it is, sugar is one of the worst foods for your health. It can increase our risk for a number of diseases and can even affect your mental health.

When working to decrease sugar intake, many people start by ditching donuts, cookies, candy and other sweets. But what you may not realize is that the drinks you’re consuming may actually be even worse for you.

For reference, a typical candy bar — such as a standard-size Hershey’s chocolate bar — contains 24 grams of sugar, but it’s not uncommon for a sweet drink to contain much more sugar than that. The following seven drinks contain more sugar than this entire candy bar.

1. Gatorade

Gatorade is often a go-to drink after a workout, but we’re not filling our bodies with the best nutrients when we load up on this sports drink post-exercise. Although amounts vary depending on flavor, a typical 20-ounce bottle of Gatorade contains 34 grams of sugar.

gatorade photo
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2. Red Bull

Many of us turn to Red Bull for energy, but we may want to think again. In addition to its high caffeine content, Red Bull is also loaded with sugar, coming in at 27 grams of sugar per 8.4 fluid ounces. Red Bull may make us feel alert for a bit, but we can expect to feel that sugar crash later.

red bull photo
Photo by Alex of Gothenburg

3. Vitamin Water

Just because it says “vitamin” in the name doesn’t make it healthy. Just after water, cane sugar is the second ingredient in Vitamin Water. A typical 20-ounce bottle contains 31 grams of sugar. We’re better off getting our vitamins from natural sources, like fruits and vegetables.

vitamin water photo
Photo by @ohoo_

4. Naked Juice

If it’s juice, it can’t be bad, right? Think again. Because it’s concentrated with so many fruits, Naked Juice contains an unnecessarily high amount of sugar. Even a 15.2-ounce bottle of their “Green Machine” juice contains 53 grams of sugar. Although it’s natural, we’d be better off eating a whole fruit. Too much sugar is too much sugar, and eating a whole fruit also provides fiber, which helps us to feel full.

naked juice photo
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5. Frappuccino

Coffee on its own isn’t a red flag. When it’s blended with a whole boatload of sugar, then we’ve got problems. Even just a tall Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks contains 46 grams of sugar. Upgrade to a grande, and we’re at 66 grams. Opt for a venti, and it’s a whopping 84 grams of sugar.

frappuccino photo
Photo by hirotomo

6. Soda

When we think of sugary drinks, soda is usually the first thing that comes to mind — and for good reason. A 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola, for example, contains 39 grams of sugar. Opt for a flavor like vanilla or cherry, and we’re up to 42 grams. Considering there are no other nutrients in the drink, we’re better off skipping soda entirely.

coca cola photo
Photo by ChodHound

7. Lemonade

Lemonade is packed with sugar. Minute Maid lemonade, for example, is only made with three percent juice. It’s no surprise the rest of it is made up of sugar in the form of fructose. One 20-ounce bottle contains a shocking 67 grams of sugar.

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minute maid photo
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In the end, nothing is as good for you as a glass of water — or in this case, an edible pod of water!

What’s In The New Starbucks Pink Drink?

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The internet is all abuzz about the new pink drink from Starbucks. From the images circulating online, the drink looks somewhat like a strawberry milkshake, which is so much yum in its own right. But when did Starbucks roll out milkshakes, you ask?

They didn’t, it turns out.

The pink drink is actually not even on the Starbucks menu. It’s a drink you need to specifically ask for, and it turns out it’s not a milkshake either!

So what is this secret new drink? It’s the Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher made with coconut milk instead of water. The coconut milk adds a shake-like creaminess to the standard fruity Refresher mixture. If you aren’t familiar with Starbucks Refreshers, they are iced beverages that Starbucks introduced several years ago containing fruit juices and Green Coffee Extract, which provides some light caffeination.


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Coconut milk, which comes from the white flesh of brown coconuts, is high in fiber, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, so it’s a healthy and delicious alternative to plain old water. You could substitute low-fat for full-fat coconut milk to enjoy a similar dose of deliciousness with less fat.

Refreshers are also sold in canned form, which makes me think you could even make this delicious concoction at home for yourself!