This Teen Turned An Old Camper Into A Gorgeous ‘Glamper’

How did you spend your summer?

Ellie Yeater, a 14-year-old in West Virignia, spent her summer turning a 1974 Wilderness camper into a “glamper” (glam camper). How did she do it? As detailed on the blog Woodworking Adventures, Ellie saved up $500 of birthday and chore money, and got a lot of support from her family.

Ellie purchased the camper for $200 with a vision of a space to call her own. Of course, she would need to park it close enough to the house to still use her parents’ electricity and Wi-Fi, not to mention air conditioning when it gets too hot.

Here’s what she started with. You won’t believe how this creative girl transformed the space!

Before really getting started, Ellie had to gut the inside of the camper and clean it. Once the camper had been stripped down, the real work of replacing flooring and painting could begin. The dark brown exterior was painted a light blue. And for the inside, Ellie chose a color scheme of peach, grey and light blue.

Ellie finished off her masterpiece with Pinterest-inspired details like statement pillows, strung lights and a dress form.

Woodworking Adventures

For Ellie, the camper will be more of a “she-shed” than something to take out into the woods. Just like any other teen, Ellie wanted a spot to hang out with friends and a quiet place of her own. Nice work, Ellie! We see an interior design career in your future.

Read more about the camper’s transformation and see more pictures on Woodworking Adventures.