This ‘Avocato’ Cat Costume Just Won Halloween

Punny Halloween costumes are the best. And this one just may be the punniest one of them all. Enter the Avocado Cat Costume, or shall we say, the Avocato.

Pets always seem pretty humiliated when they have to walk around in whatever ridiculous garb we decide to put them in, but this is by far the best, worst thing I’ve ever seen a cat have to wear. But, might I say, Miss Willow the Squishy Cat wears it well.

According to The Daily Dot, Willow is a rescue cat that now leads a pretty uneventful life—except when it’s time for dress up, of course.

Based on the photos from the cat’s own Instagram account, this feline gets all dressed up quite often. She’s been everything from a chef to a shark because when it comes to costumes, this kitty’s got range.

I’m still convinced that Avocato is her best work to date, however. She’s wearing the green vegetable as if her head were the pit of the avocado, and it’s even better than that time the Internet thought it was funny for cats to wear a piece of bread on their heads. It’s definitely a similar concept, but this is even better because, well, everything’s better with a little extra guac, you know?

The really good  news? This costume is pretty easy to recreate all on your own. All you need is some poster board and some great avocado-drawing skills to bring this costume to life.

So, if you’ve got a cat at home, get ready to torture it for your own amusement by making it parade around as your favorite taco topping.

What else would you be doing this Halloween, after all? I really can’t think of a better way to spend your time. And by the look on Willow’s face, she’d have to… uhhh… agree?

[h/t: The Daily Dot]

7 Fun Halloween Desserts You Can Make In No Time

We love Halloween, and aside from coming up with clever costumes, coming up with creative desserts is the next best thing. Even if you’re not having a Halloween party or going to one, it’s still fun to make these ghoulishly good desserts for your family, friends, coworkers—and, of course, yourself. You’ll see.

Btw, these desserts are all easy DIY ideas that are kid-friendly, so you may even feel inspired to invite your kids’ friends over, or your friends over, to bake and decorate the night away.

And with Halloween around the corner, it’s still not too late to make the below. Plus, don’t forget to hit up a dollar store—they’re hidden gems when it comes to much of what you’ll need to make these sweet, spook-tacular treats.

1. Strawberry Ghosts

Natalia Lusinski

It’s time to say “Boo!” with these cute white chocolate-laden strawberry ghosts. I actually made these a few years ago—with melted white chocolate chips—and it was pretty fun. (That’s them in the picture above.)

There are many ways you can vary them up—for instance, by using chocolate chips instead of gel frosting (which gets a bit tricky at times, I must say). Miss CandyQuik made some this way and used Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating. Pretty, aren’t they?

Miss CandyQuik

Just remember one thing—there’s no wrong way to decorate a strawberry ghost!

2. Halloween Spider Cupcakes

These are so much fun to make, and you can snack on the ingredients as you do so (pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate frosting, anyone?!). The Celebrations blog made theirs with Red Hots as eyes and then broke pretzel sticks in half for the spiders’ many, many legs. Before that, though, once you make your cupcakes, just frost, then dip, each one into a bowl of chocolate sprinkles (unless you want lighter-colored spiders, of course). So. Much. Fun!


I made these, too, for a party (see below). And I don’t think they came out too bad, I must say. Note: We forgot to buy Red Hots, so we used Tic Tacs for eyes! Nothing like some improvising in the kitchen, right? Plus, the green gives the spiders’ eyes an eerie glow, I think. And you get a breath mint after your cupcake. A win-win!

Natalia Lusinski

3. Pumpkin Cupcakes

Sticking to the dipping-cupcakes-in-sprinkles theme, these pumpkin cupcakes are also fun to make, not to mention festive. I used a pumpkin-flavored cake mix, but you can use anything really. Then, frost away, coat in sprinkles, and add parts of pretzel sticks as stems (i.e., leftover “spider legs”). (And you’ll see a few Tic Tacs again, this time on purpose!)

Natalia Lusinski

My Easy Recipes even made their pumpkin cupcakes different sizes, and added in some pumpkin-y detail on top. Impressive.

My Easy Recipes

4. Green Halloween Monster Treat

I don’t know any kids (or adults, for that matter) who don’t like Rice Krispie Treats, and now you can cover them with green frosting, then decorate them accordingly to have your very own little green monsters. Grab some black gel frosting, and then pick your favorite kind of candy for the eyes, arms, etc. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters for everyone!

Kellogg's Rice Krispies

5. 1-Minute Monsters

Who doesn’t love Hostess Ho Hos (aka Swiss Rolls if we’re not talking about the Hostess brand)? Well, using them to make edible monsters is so simple—once you grab some black gel frosting and candy eyes, too. We found this recipe via The 36th Avenue, and all we can say is: Yum!

The 36th Avenue

6. Mummy Oreo Pops

These are almost too cute to eat. All you need for this Pyrex recipe are some Oreos (and there are so many flavors these days, so you can get creative!) and candy melts (hint: look in the cake decorating aisle at your local craft store) or white candy bark (hint: check the baking section of your grocery store). Then grab some candy eyes (or black gel frosting) and popsicle sticks, and you’re all set for making your mummy creations.

The best part? No baking necessary!


7. Spook-tacular Donuts

No time to bake cookies or cupcakes? Or did you procrastinate—and you’re thinking, “Now what?!” Then these are for you. We love these super easy DIY donuts, which we found via With just a few decorations, like red gel frosting and plastic fangs (remember: the dollar store!), they’ll be Halloween-ready in no time.

Here’s Your Guide To The Scariest Haunted Houses In The U.S.

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With Halloween just days away, you still have time to check out some of the best haunted houses out there. Maybe you’re going for scary, or maybe you’re going for fun, but rest assured—there’s the perfect haunted house out there for everyone (including ghosts and goblins).

Of course, we’ve already suggested Halloween costumes for you (and your kids… and the whole family), but now it’s time to get down to business—getting scared.

Any guesses as to where the scariest haunted houses in the U.S. were, according to a study by Halloween Express? Or the most popular? Or the most fun?

We’ll tell you, but first, how was the study done?

Halloween Express conducted the study via Instagram posts. They looked at keywords people used in their posts, including the #HauntedHouses hashtag, as well as words like “scary” and “fun.”

Halloween Express

First things first, according to the research, who had the most haunted houses? Looks like New York tops the list, with Utah and New Hampshire not far behind.

Halloween Express

Interesting, huh?

Okay, but now let’s break it down further. Here were the most popular haunted houses in the country.

Halloween Express

There were the “most popular,” but then there’s also the “most real,” aka the haunted houses that take place in truly scary (and allegedly haunted) places. Oftentimes, these have reputations for visitors seeing ghosts and hearing paranormal activity, even when it’s not haunted house season. See if you’ve been to any that made the list.

Halloween Express

Just because there may be actual ghosts in the “real” haunted houses, that may not make them the scariest. Here’s what Halloween Express found in terms of places that’ll send chills up and down your spine.

Halloween Express

Of course, some people prefer a “fun” haunted house versus a scary one.

Halloween Express

And which were the most well-“liked”?

Halloween Express

I happened to go to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, a few weeks ago, and I can definitely attest to it being scary-yet-fun. But let me tell you—touring the non-haunted house part of the sanatorium via moonlight was even scarier than the actual haunted house. “Ghost Hunters” and other renowned ghost experts have been known for doing paranormal investigations there, as well, and have found spook-tacular ghostly evidence.

But back to my visit. If you look closely, it looks like you can see some skulls in the souvenir picture we received.

Natalia Lusinski

I know—right?!

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and scary beings or not, ‘tis the season, so you still have time to check out a haunted house or two (or more, if you just can’t get enough)—like the people in the findings from Halloween Express. I know we will.

Photo by Sean MacEntee

10 Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are, Like, Totally 80s

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Eighties movies are full of characters that make awesome Halloween costumes—from huge hair to sexy sirens to slasher-flick villains, they have it all. If you’re still undecided on what to be this year, check out this list of amazing costumes from the decade of excess.

Madison from “Splash”

When “Splash” premiered in 1984, everyone wished they had fins instead of legs. To achieve the look and differentiate yourself from the other much-copied mermaid, Ariel, you need blonde, crimped hair. If you’re crafty, sew yourself a mermaid fin. If not, order one of those mermaid fin blankets from Amazon.


The Heathers and Veronica from “Heathers”

The original “Mean Girls,” “Heathers” was every high school girl’s favorite movie in the 80s. To pull off the preppy vibe, make sure you add shoulder pads to your skirt suit. A scrunchie, teased hair and a croquet mallet will complete the look. It’ll be “so very.”


Jason Vorhees from “Friday the 13th”

This one’s a classic and oh-so-easy. Don a hockey mask and some old tattered clothes, and voila, you’ll spook everyone you see. Don’t forget to wield a plastic sword to really send your friends screaming.


Samantha from “Sixteen Candles”

Molly Ringwald was the “it” girl in the 80s. Pull off one of her most iconic roles by snagging a poofy bridesmaid’s dress at the thrift store. Cropped red hair optional. You’ll be so cute, you’re sure to snag your very own Jake Ryan.


Baby from “Dirty Dancing”

This 80s classic actually takes place in the 60s. Cutoffs, white Keds and a white button-down are all you need to channel Frances Houseman, aka Baby. Get your man to throw on a leather jacket a la Johnny, and make it a couple’s costume.


The Grady Twins from “The Shining”

Grab your bestie, matching blue dresses, knee-high socks and fake blood, and you have the totally creepy twins from “The Shining.” Can you say red rum?


Kim “Prom Night”

Jamie Lee Curtis was the “scream queen” of the 80s. Channel your inner prom queen and dust off that prom dress, add a sparkly tiara, and don’t forget the (fake) axe.


Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Grab a Freddy mask from a pop-up Halloween shop, and add a striped sweater and a top hat. Don’t forget the knives for fingers, and you’re sure to be the stuff of nightmares.


Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

She may be animated, but Jessica Rabbit was a major vixen of the ’80s. Slip on a slinky red dress, heels and purple elbow-length gloves to bring out the va-va-voom.


Lisa from “Weird Science”

If you want to go sexy this Halloween, look no further. The costume is super simple, too. All you need is a cut-off top and a pair of undies. Tease your hair as high as it will go to complete the look.



Installation Of 3,000 Pumpkins Unveiled In London

Pumpkin Dioramas Are Halloween’s Most Creative Trend

Glitter pumpkins. Painted pumpkins. Glow-in-the-dark pumpkins. Been there, stenciled that. If you think you’ve seen just about every way to bring creativity to Halloween, then you are in for a surprise.

Pumpkin dioramas are the new way to take pumpkin art to the next level. Yes, art! How else could you describe something so epic?

The best part about this breath-taking trend is that it’s actually pretty simple! Forget painstakingly carving vampire teeth onto a pumpkin, or sweating up a storm as you try to lay a stencil on perfectly straight. No, with pumpkin dioramas, anything goes!

It’s safe for the little ones to be hands-on, so you don’t have to worry about them grabbing onto the sharp edges of the pumpkin cutter. Plus you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess, as these dioramas are made with plastic or foam pumpkins!

Check out this cool example from Eat, Knit and DIY:


Seriously, how amazing is this? Your kids might not even want to go trick-or-treating when they have this creation to gaze at in awe.

How about this pumpkin diorama from Lone Girl in a Crowd?

Lone Girl in a Crowd

Well, who are we kidding!? Your kids are definitely not going to want to miss out on the candy. But they will also love being part of this craft.

Here is how to get started:

1. Pick out an appropriately sized artificial pumpkin. Get one that is wide—you are going to be using it as your ‘stage,’ so you don’t want to limit yourself with too narrow of a space. Art of Doing Stuff recommends you use a serrated pumpkin-carving knife to cut a large hole in one side of the pumpkin, but you may need to experiment (carefully!) with a sharper blade like an X-ACTO knife if the pumpkin carver doesn’t do the trick.

The Art of Doing Stuff

2. Do you want to paint your pumpkin? If so, now is the time to do it. Rich black and creamy whites make for a great background, but you can also do a pop of color like hot pink. Stripes are also a unique idea, like this one from Plaid!



3. Use a piece of cardboard or a flat small piece of plywood as the base of your diorama. You need something flat and level inside the pumpkin. You could even use a book or small notepad. Then cover the flat surface with fake grass, dirt, leaves, or colored sand.

4. Hot glue is your friend! If you do any sort of crafting, a hot glue gun needs to be in your toolbox of tricks. For instance, create a tiny disco ball (use sparkly nail polish and a small pebble or Styrofoam ball) and then hang it from the “ceiling” of your diorama with the help of a hot glue gun. You can also glue tiny pieces of black/white fabric around the diorama to create mini ghosts.

5. Consider the scene. Are you creating a spooky graveyard? Check out your grocery store’s baking aisle or the Halloween aisles at your local Target. You will probably find all manner of cake/cupcake toppers that will work perfectly in your diorama, from tiny skeletons to tombstones. Or, create your own with nothing other than a rock and black Sharpie! “RIP” is easy to write, and scrawled writing will just make it look more spooky, so don’t worry about making it perfect.

6. Don’t make it too complicated. Yes, you could spend hours gluing tiny bones and bats to your pumpkin, but you could also lay down some fake grass and put a Halloween cake topper inside. Or a spooky plastic haunted house would work just fine. Add sticky bats to the outside of the pumpkin. Or how about a chic woodland scene? Check out this one from Hello Lidy:

Hello Lidy

So simple and so perfect. You will definitely be in the mood for candy corn and monster movies after making one of these!


10 DIY Halloween Wreaths That Add A Dash Of Fright To Your Door

Whether you aspire to have the scariest house on the block or just can’t get enough of Halloween crafting now that fall is here, add some toil and trouble to your door with one of these DIY Halloween wreaths.

1. Glowing Wreath

Tulle, lights and just a few other items are all you need to bring this wreath to life. It’ll add a pop of color to your door by day, and really becomes spooky at night. Follow this tutorial.

Crafty Morning

2. Skull Wreath

This wreath injects some Halloween spirit into your entry without being the tiniest bit tacky. Follow this tutorial.

The 36th Avenue

3. Skeleton Wreath

We love this rustic wreath featuring a skeleton that practically jumps out at you. Follow this tutorial.

skeleton wreath side_thumb[8]

4. Feathered Wreath

A feather boa fills out and gives texture to this wreath, and lights give it the perfect eerie glow at night. Follow this tutorial.


5. Skeleton Hands Wreath

For a handsome Halloween decoration that won’t break the bank, hit up the dollar store for all you need to make this wreath. Follow this tutorial.

Tried & True

6. Witch’s Hat Door Hanging

We love the clever elegance of this arrangement, which turns a witch hat into a festive hanging flower vase. Follow this tutorial.

Screen shot 2016-09-16 at 9.37.02 AM
The Spohrs Are Multiplying

7. Spider Wreath

If you’re looking for something that’s more cute than scary, this googly-eyed spider is sure to make passersby smile. Follow this tutorial.

Mama In The Now

8. Monster Wreath

If monsters are more your thing, try using some tulle to create one for your door! Follow this tutorial.

Hoosier Homemade

9. Wicked Witch Wreath

Wow visitors with this wicked witch wreath that looks elaborate with textured burlap and colorful details, but couldn’t be simpler to make. Follow this tutorial.

How To Make A Burlap Wreath

10. Candy Corn Wreath

Let your trick-or-treaters know that your house is where the candy’s at with this candy corn wreath. Follow this tutorial.

Lion Brand

Happy Halloween, folks!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]

20 Of The Punniest DIY Halloween Costumes

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun? If you want to make people chuckle (…or groan) this Halloween you might want to try one of these hilarious pun-inspired costumes.

With Halloween only a few weeks away, many of these are easy to do last minute too. Easy as pie!

1. Green with Envy

Instagram/Kate LeRoy

2. Cereal Killer

Flickr/Nathan Rupert

3. A Blessing In Disguise

the thinking closet


4. Radiohead

Money Side of Life

5. French Kiss


6. 50 Shades of Grey

Do It How

7. Ariana Grande


8. Han Solo (Cup)


9. Iron Chef

Cafe Press

10. Beer On Tap


11. Taco Belle


12. The Black-eyed Ps

the thinking closet

13. Deviled Eggs


14. Dust Bunny

Mr. Kate

15. A Formal Apology


16. Hawaiian Punch

Costume Pop

17. Facebook


18. Ceiling Fan

Coolest Homemade Costumes

19. Spice Rack

Coolest Homemade Costumes

20. Nickelback

The Weal

Looking for more costume inspiration?

Check out these adorable baby carrier Halloween costumes, easy last-minute costumes you can DIY, costumes for your pets (obviously), cute children’s costumes you can make with a tutu (beyond a ballerina!), Halloween costumes for expectant moms and family-friendly costumes.

Want more fall and Halloween ideas? Check out the list below:

What costume are you cooking up for Halloween this year? Tell us about it and share a picture with us on Facebook.

This Dad Is Creating Unbelievable Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

Ryan Weimer’s son, Keaton, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) when he was 9 months old. As a result of SMA, Keaton had to use a wheelchair.  When Ryan asked his son what he wanted to be for Halloween, Keaton said he wanted to be a pirate. That’s when the light bulb went off for Ryan:

A couple days later I had one of those moments when my brain decides it’s the best time for thinking – this usually seems to happen way too early in the morning when I should be sleeping or in the shower – but during this magical thinking moment I realized, “Keaton has this wheelchair he cruises around in, and every pirate needs a ship, so let’s just build one around  his chair!”     -Ryan Weimer,

The costume was so popular that Ryan launched a nonprofit called Magic Wheelchair to create amazing costumes for other kids in wheelchairs.

Today, there are 18 teams of volunteer builders. “This year, thanks to the help of some incredible volunteers, we have been able to spread around the country,” Wendy Barrett, a friend of Magic Wheelchair, told Simplemost. In 2016, they plan to build 25 costumes in 11 different states.

In order to be selected, the kids have to submit a short video describing their idea.   Those that are accepted get to watch their dream become reality.


Here’s come cool photos from the designs they create:

Facebook | Magic Wheelchair


Colonial Williamsburg Is Inviting Brave Guests To Sleep In Its Haunted Houses This Halloween

Now that it’s October and Halloween is just a few weeks away, it’s time to take advantage of all the fun pumpkin patches, parties and haunted houses that are in full swing this month. And, for the first time ever, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can go spend the night in one of the haunted houses of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

Yep, you can stay in a potentially haunted home from colonial times. Visitors can stay in these colonial homes (and reconstructions) throughout the year, but for the first time, during this year’s Halloween season, will each participating home’s “haunted history” be provided to guests.

Past Williamsburg visitors claim to have seen and heard paranormal activity—not just feeling cold spots, but also seeing images and hearing voices. (I don’t know about you, but I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.)

For instance, guests who stay at the Orrell House (below) often relay tales of unusual activity, like faucets running on their own, or furniture that’s rearranged or turned upside down.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Similarly, “The Market Square Tavern,” pictured below, states “The Best Accommodations” on its sign out front has its own haunted history. (We wonder if that means with or without the ghosts.)

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Even the architecture looks spooky, right?!

There’s even a Williamsburg Paranormal Investigations Facebook page where people can talk about paranormal activity they experience in Williamsburg. Creepy!

But back to the haunted houses, so to speak.

The Haunting Package includes the chance to stay in a Haunted Colonial House or, for a less spooky experience, nightly accommodations at the Williamsburg Woodlands,” states the company’s website, plus “all-access passes to Haunting on DoG Street: Blackbeard’s Revenge [which includes trick or treating for young kids and a haunted house for those 13 and older].”

Whether you buy into the idea that paranormal activity happens in Williamsburg or elsewhere, we can’t help but think that centuries-old community will be the most spook-tacular place to be this Halloween season. The website advises you “act fast” to reserve the limited number of rooms and homes available. Reservations begin at $216 per night based on double occupancy.


You Can Visit The Real-Life Halloweentown This Fall

Disney Channel’s “Halloweentown” has become a holiday favorite. If you’re like me, you’ve seen the movie about a million times, and Halloween simply wouldn’t be the same without viewing it at least once during the fall season.

And while watching the movie each year at home is great, wouldn’t it be a dream come true to be able to visit the real-life Halloweentown? Well, for the people of St. Helens, Oregon, this is their everyday reality. St. Helens is the town where “Halloweentown” was originally filmed back in 1998! Each year, starting Oct. 1, the town transforms into the real-life Halloweentown, straight out of the movie.

The month-long festival is known as “The Spirit of Halloweentown,” and the celebration will be extra-special this year because Kimberly J. Brown, aka “Marnie,” will be returning to host a full weekend of Halloween events!

According to Good Housekeeping, there will be numerous activities throughout the weekend, such as a masquerade ball, haunted tractor rides and a scarecrow contest. And if here is one event that you just shouldn’t miss, it’s the giant pumpkin lighting on Oct. 8!

And while you unfortunately can’t take a ride on the magical school bus to get to the event, you may be able to catch a haunted cab ride with Marnie and everyone’s favorite skeleton, Benny!

Tickets for “The Spirit of Halloweentown” are selling out fast, so be sure to get yours before it’s too late! Get the full list of events and tickets here.

[h/t: Buzzfeed]

Adorable Parent And Child Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s always fun coming up with ideas for what to wear on Halloween, especially when you’re coming up with a costume with someone else — and what could be more fun than coordinating your costume with your child’s! All these years you’ve been doing the couples costumes, and, finally, you get to switch it up.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to parent/child costumes, and each one is cuter than the next. Here are six of our favorites.

1. Willy Wonka And Oompa Loompa

It’s not often you have someone small enough to pull off an Oompa Loompa costume. Channel your inner child with this fun “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” costume idea.

Costume Works

2. Max And His Ship From “Where The Wild Things Are”

Bring this classic children’s book to life. Dress your wee one as Max and you be his magical ship carrying him across the sea to meet his monster friends. Let the wild rumpus start!

Modern Kiddo

3. Harry Potter And Dobby

Harry Potter is one of those books that transcends the ages, making it a great idea for kids and parents alike.

Costume Works

4. Beehive and Bee

Turn your baby into an adorable little bee, while you hold onto them as their trusty hive.

Costume Works

5. Milk And Cookies

There is nothing more innocent than milk and cookies, so you’ll be sure to charm your way through trick or treating with these sweet coordinating costumes.

What are you planning to dress up as for Halloween this year? Tell us on Facebook.

This Is Why You’ll Be Seeing Teal Pumpkins This Halloween

Every Halloween, kids dressed like black cats and SpongeBob Squarepants flood the streets, going door-to-door to find candy at people’s houses. For most, this is a special time to eat fun-sized candy as part of a fun-filled night.

For other kids, their food allergies keep them away from trick-or-treating because so many candies contain soy, wheat, chocolate, peanuts or gluten. But now these kids don’t have to worry about food allergies spoiling their Halloween fun.


The Teal Pumpkin Project, started in 2014 by the nonprofit Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), helps these kids with food allergies have fun during Halloween rather than worry about the amount of candy in their bags. Participants in the Teal Pumpkin Project place teal pumpkins in front of their homes, which lets kids know that the house is safe for trick-or-treaters with food allergies.

“The Teal Pumpkin Project promotes safety, inclusion and respect for all those managing food allergies,” FARE Director of Communications Nancy Gregory told The Huffington Post.

FARE has partnered with Michaels Craft Stores to spread food allergy awareness in their stores along with ideas for participants in the Teal Pumpkin Project.

The Project’s goal this year is to have at least one teal pumpkin on every residential block in the U.S. According to the FARE website, one in 13 children in the U.S. has a food allergy, and someone is admitted to the emergency room because of food allergies once every three minutes. Economically, food allergies cost $25 billion a year to treat.

epi pen photo
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

How To Participate

To combat this problem, you can help keep hospital visits to a minimum this Halloween by participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project.

You can either paint your own teal pumpkins, buy them online (or at your local Michaels Craft store), or print out a free sign from the FARE website.

On the day of trick-or-treating, you can put out one bowl of candy and another bowl filled with non-candy treats for those with food allergies. Some ideas for items you can put inside this bowl are bubbles, erasers, bouncy balls, Mini Slinkies and plastic spider rings.

bouncy balls photo
Flickr | Jeff Kubina

RELATED: 21 Non-candy Alternatives To Pass Out This Halloween

If you have more questions, like why the color teal (answer: it’s the color of food allergy awareness), check out the Teal Pumpkin Project FAQ page, and spread the word!