These Home Depot Workers Built A Walker For A Blind Toddler They’d Never Met

With a simple act of kindness, three dads who work at Home Depot remind us that there are great people in the world.

Two-year-old Silus Johnson was in need of a walker just his size. Norrie Disease had left Johnson blind and unable to walk on his own, and store-bought walkers were just too small. So, his grandfather headed to Home Depot to take matters into his own hands.

Johnson’s grandfather was looking for supplies when Matthew Spencer, assistant manager at a Home Depot near Fort Worth, Texas, asked him if he needed any help. Spencer brought in Chris Wright and Eric Bindel from the store’s tool department, and the three got to work building a custom walker, according to Fox 4 News.

“I have a 2-year-old of my own and so does Chris,” Bindel told Fox 4 News. “I just dove right into it and said just drop it right there, give us his dimensions and we’ll get everything going for you and build it for free.”

Watch this heartwarming story below:

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Way to go, guys! This story makes us as happy as Johnson is in his new walker.