This Genius T-Shirt Lets You Communicate With Anyone In The World

Traveling to other countries where English is not the main language can be an adventure.  While I personally love the challenge and thrill of it, sometimes it can be a little stressful and frustrating.

There have been many times when I’ve gone around in circles trying to ask a basic question (e.g. where is the bathroom?).

Sometimes you try to break it down and doodle a picture to ask your question. This was the exact situation that Swiss friends Swiss friends George, Steven and Florian, found themselves in.

They directed their frustrations to coming up with a better way to communicate and it resulted in Iconspeak.  

IconSpeak is the ultimate t-shirt for travelers.  It features 40 universally recognized and essential icons.  When you don’t know the language you can just point to the icon and you have instant recognition.   No doodling or endless repetition of words the other person doesn’t understand.

To fit everyone’s style, Iconspeak also carries baseball hats, tank-tops, bags, and beanies with the icon collection.  Check out more on their website here.