A High School Student Invented A Stroller To Help Moms In Wheelchairs

When most people take their babies for a stroll, they simply pop them in the stroller and off they go.

But for those that have to use wheelchairs, that simple exercise becomes much more challenging. That’s the challenge that Sharon Jones faced.  She was shot at age 5 and lost the use of her legs. As an adult later in life, when she became pregnant, she started thinking how she might handle this seemingly basic task.

That’s where Alden Kane, a 16 year-old at University of Detroit, came in. He invented a new custom wheelchair stroller to help.

“It was great to meet her and talk to her about what she wants and doesn’t want,” he told The Michigan Catholic. “Talking to her was a big help, figuring out the workability of the device, where to put a diaper bag, whether or not she could unhook the stroller and how she can move around in the chair.”

With the success that Sharon has had with the stroller, Alden plans to make the device available to more people in need. What a great young man, and an inspiring story.

Looking for more products that help parents with disabilities? Here are some adaptive products that can help make life a little easier:

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This velcro wrap, called the Wriggle Wrapper, allows parents with limited mobility to sit and hold or feed their child more comfortably. It also can convert any chair into a high chair, making life a little easier for all parents when out and about.



This swivel car seat allows parents to turn the seat 90 degrees for easy loading and unloading into the car.


Orbit baby G3 toddler convertible car seat, $304

Man Invents 4-Wheeled Bike That Can Be Used In All Types Of Weather

The PodRide is the half car, half bike invention of cycle-enthusiast Mikael Kjellman, and it is awesome.

With no car, Kjellman needs his bike to get from point A to point B. Winter conditions caused a bit of a struggle for his traditional two-wheeled bicycle, so he created a solution – PodRide.

If you think this is just a bike with a tent around it, think again. The PodRide has a comfy seat, headlights, windshield wiper and even a turn signal, making it street-legal in most countries.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.15.43 AM
Mikael Kjellman

Because he included an electric bicycle (e-bike) kit, power is generated when a person pedals. The range of the bike is about 37 miles and top speed is about 15 miles per hour.

In his design, he added the ability to store groceries and other smaller things in the trunk, and even hook up a small cart to tow around for additional storage.

We seriously can’t stop watching Kjellman zip around in this impossibly adorable 4-wheeled bike.


Are you a bike enthusiast and want to ride in all types of weather? Or just want to give up your gas guzzler for a zippy, tiny pedal wagon?  You might be in luck.

Kjellman is trying to take his design to market.  If you’d like to help Kjellman get this practical and fun bicycle-car rolling, he has started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds.