Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling Could Not Stop Giggling During This Interview—And Their Laughter Is Contagious

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are promoting their upcoming film “Blade Runner 2049,” and you might think that answering question after question in a string of interviews would become boring after a while. But these two have certainly managed to keep themselves entertained. Their lively interview with Alison Hammond of U.K. talk show “This Morning” is absolutely hilarious—and you won’t be able to watch it without laughing.

The interview begins with Hammond admitting that she’s never seen the original “Blade Runner,” which Ford starred in. And that was all it took to get these three laughing—uncontrollably.

“Blade Runner 2049” hits theaters on Oct. 6, and since you won’t actually find out a whole lot about the film through this interview, let us take a minute to fill you in.

Accordign to IMDb, the sequel picks up 30 years after the original storyline ended. LAPD Officer K, played by Gosling, is sent looking for officer Rick Deckard, played by Ford. Deckard’s been missing for 30 years, but he may hold some much-needed information that could help save society.

Here’s the trailer for your reference, too.

So, yeah—there’s some pretty serious stuff happening in this film, but you wouldn’t know if from the giggle fest that commenced on “This Morning.” Harrison did manage to make an excellent point about the film in between laughs and sips of whiskey.

“There is a darkness, and there is a dystopian atmosphere, but there is also a triumph of the human spirit,” he said. That actually seems like a lovely way to summarize this film.

So, in spite of the non-stop laughs, Hammond managed to get an great quote out of what might just be the funniest interview ever with two of Hollywood’s greatest stars—and all before afternoon had even rolled around. Not bad for a day at the office, hey?

There must be something about British talk shows because this isn’t the first time that Gosling has had a hard time keeping a straight face during an interview. Watch him lose it in this appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

It’s hard not to LOL as you watch these videos—so now we all have these talk shows to thank for giving us a little laughter in the middle of a very difficult and emotional week.

You Can Visit The Real-Life Halloweentown This Fall

Disney Channel’s “Halloweentown” has become a holiday favorite. If you’re like me, you’ve seen the movie about a million times, and Halloween simply wouldn’t be the same without viewing it at least once during the fall season.

And while watching the movie each year at home is great, wouldn’t it be a dream come true to be able to visit the real-life Halloweentown? Well, for the people of St. Helens, Oregon, this is their everyday reality. St. Helens is the town where “Halloweentown” was originally filmed back in 1998! Each year, starting Oct. 1, the town transforms into the real-life Halloweentown, straight out of the movie.


The month-long festival is known as “The Spirit of Halloweentown,” and the celebration will be extra-special this year because Kimberly J. Brown, aka “Marnie,” will be returning to host a full weekend of Halloween events!

According to Good Housekeeping, there will be numerous activities throughout the weekend, such as a masquerade ball, haunted tractor rides and a scarecrow contest. And if here is one event that you just shouldn’t miss, it’s the giant pumpkin lighting on Oct. 8!


And while you unfortunately can’t take a ride on the magical school bus to get to the event, you may be able to catch a haunted cab ride with Marnie and everyone’s favorite skeleton, Benny!


Tickets for “The Spirit of Halloweentown” are selling out fast, so be sure to get yours before it’s too late! Get the full list of events and tickets here.

[h/t: Buzzfeed]