Groom Surprises Bride With A Puppy On Their Wedding Day & Her Reaction Is Priceless

This bride, like most brides, was probably certain her wedding day would be one of the best days of her life. Still, she likely wasn’t expecting the surprise her groom had planned for her.

Jeff Althoff surprised his wife, Jenna, with a puppy on their wedding day, making the event even more special for their brand-new family of three.

The moment was caught on video (thank goodness!), and by the look on the bride’s face, she had no idea it was coming. Because there’s no faking a reaction like this.

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The couple barely had time to celebrate becoming a family of two before Althoff announced to her, “We have now became [sic] a family of three!”

Jenna looked very confused. How had they managed to become a family of three? And then, she turned around and saw it: a puppy!

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According to the caption on YouTube, the dog is a British Labrador that was bred from World Field Trial Champions.

Althoff mentions in the video that Jenna has wanted a puppy her entire life. So, imagine her overwhelming joy when she sees one marching towards her, and on her wedding day, no less!

Of course, this isn’t the first time adorable puppies have made an appearance at a wedding. For example, an Atlanta radio show host surprised his wife with puppies while she was busy getting wedding photographs taken.

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“Callie and I are huge dog lovers and have rescued three between us,” the host, Jeff Dauler, told Fox 5 News. “I wanted a way to make some of the wedding stress go away for Callie for at least a few minutes. What better way than to snuggle with a puppy!”

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As far as I’m concerned, weddings and doggies are the perfect mash-up, so just a note to anyone getting married: keep the cute combos coming!

Watch This Amazing Wedding Proposal During Live Performance Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

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Attention, Disney fans! You have to see this fairy tale of a proposal.

Brenden McNeil made the bold choice to propose to his girlfriend Kaley McLean in public. (Public proposals take guts!)

But McNeil did not just propose in public. He proposed on stage. In the middle of a performance. Yep, that’s pretty bold.

You see, Kaley is a huge “Beauty and The Beast” fan. So, when she was cast as Belle in the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center’s production of the Disney musical, it was pretty much a dream come true.

That’s when Brenden got a great idea: Why not add to the excitement and magic of her final performance by proposing to Kaley during the last song of a sold-out performance?

So Brenden got to work. Without telling his girlfriend what he was planning, he worked with members of the crew to rehearse his part in the play and to be fitted for the Prince’s costume.

When the final song began on the last night’s performance, imagine Kaley’s surprise when her boyfriend came out on stage instead of her co-star. Then and there, in front of the packed audience, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

Keilan McNeil/YouTube

And, she said yes! They then completed the song and walked off stage together to thundering applause.

It was such a moving performance that Kaley’s good friend and costume designer David McCarthy asked if he could design and direct an engagement shoot for them. Of course, they quickly agreed, and the photos are positively stunning. (Note: Make friends with talented people. They come in handy.)

Can’t get enough “Beauty and The Beast”? Not to worry. The live-action movie starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens of “Downton Abbey” fame comes out in just two months. Check out the awesome trailer:


Watch: A Marine Expected To Be Greeted By His Son In A Wheelchair, But Gets An Amazing Surprise

Is someone cutting onions around me? I can’t seem to stop these tears from welling up.

The young boy in the video is named Michael, and he has cerebral palsy. According to ViralNova, doctors said Michael would never walk. But while his father was deployed overseas, Michael became determined to walk when his father returned home.

And he did just that. It’s absolutely touching to see how proud Michael’s father is when he’s surprised by his son confidently walking towards him.

This video is a gentle reminder of how much we value our families and cherish monumental milestones like this.

Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11, 2015. If you know someone who has served our country, please be sure to thank them for their service.